Rani says Roni uncle said he wouldn’t fret your no. Fortunate says you’re blaming it so as to eat sugar. Kahani says I am really stressed. Rani says he stick said dislike thakur uncle.. Fortunate reviews what occurred. He cries. Kahani says don’t stress fortunate. I am here for you. What’s more, I secured all your dread in the lock. Rani get him that key. Rani says I offered it to you. Kahani says it should be in my sack. Kahani checks however it’s not in her sack. Kahani says where did it go. Rani says it should be dropped where you went. Rani says it’s your cherished’s memory. Kahani says I lost my adolescence, won’t release my beloved’s memory from my hands. I will go there and discover it.