Yug says to Iravati in the event that you keep the solid of a kite also lose it doesn’t fly neither does it when you hold it excessively close. You held it excessively close. Iravati says I know. Be that as it may, with regards to Rupa, I don’t get anything. Yug says I realize you love bhabhi mama. She says I love the two girls similarly however Rupa loves my affection more. In the event that cash is taken from a man and excellence from a lady, their hearts break. I realize Rupa doesn’t state it yet her heart broke. I deal with her messed up heart. Yug says however Gunjan is additionally your girl. She says God has given me the best SILs. Ronak loves Rupa and I realize you will cherish Gunjan too.

Kahani rehearses. She says this opportunity can transform me. Ringer rings. Rani takes the stuff. It has numerous chocolates and things for the children. Rani says thank you did. Fortunate says I love it all. Kahani calls Roni. Yug picks the telephone. Kahani makes proper acquaintance… HE says I am his more youthful sibling. I know what your identity is. My sibling talks a ton of your ability however when I saw it I understood your’re in reality very ability. Kahani says he demonstrated it to his sibling also. Kahani says you ought to have seen my ability in my old neighborhood. Individuals dance when they see me. He is stunned. He says individuals see jewelry and dacne? He says however there are individuals who value your ability here additional. Kahani says your sibling has given me quite a decent possibility. Kahani says you’re additionally sweet like your sibling. All individuals identified with Ara talk pleasantly. In any case, I know one person who is too unpleasant. Ronak comes. Yug says it’s that jewelry young lady. Roni asks how are you? She your sibling likewise valued my ability. Roni says my entire family adores your ability. Kahani says you sent presents for my kin. I can’t keep them. He says are companions? She says yes. He says so a companion sent it. He says come to Partap Auditorium. Shooting will begin today. Kahani says I will come. Roni says shooting is only a reason. I need you.

Roni goes to the theater. He says I will propose to you today. Yug likewise comes there with Rupa. Yug heard Roni saying accessible as needs be design the assembly hall I need to amaze the adoration for my life. Yug heard it and says you needed to amaze bhabhi mama, we will shock you.

Kahani additionally comes there. Yug and Bhabhi maa go towards the amphitheater. Kahani comes there and sees everything beautified. Kahani says is this an off-base spot? There’s no shooting going on here. Roni says you came at the ideal spot. come stay here. Today is an exceptionally cheerful. Kahani says what is this? He says it’s first day of shooting. It’s a sentimental film so I thought how about we enhance the spot also. How about we cut the cake. She says won’t we break a coconut? He says no, that occurs in Aara. Come cut the cake. He holds Kahani’s hand while cutting the cake. Kahani feels abnormal. Yug and Rupa are coming there. Yug causes her to eat the cake. Roni says close your eyes. Yug says stop bhabhi maa. Close your eyes so when you see it you recollect it for eternity.

Roni makes Rani wear an accessory. Kahani says what is this? He says it’s a present for you. Roni jumps on his knees. He holds her hand and says your blamelessness and straightforwardness has made a spot in my heart. Rupa and Yug are coming in. Roni says I love you and I need to wed you. Kahani is stunned. Yug sees everything. He grasps his hand off Rupa’s eyes. They came to assembly hall B rather than theater A.

Kahani says you have done a ton for me. However, you’re simply a companion to me. I can’t wed you. She removes the neckalce. He says individuals help individuals. Your excellence could be of my assistance. Kahani restores his accessory. Rupa says what is this? He says Roni completed this for you. He has a blessing as well. Roni says to Kahani there should be some inadequacy in me on the off chance that you don’t care for me. Kahani says dislike that however I have a great deal of obligations. I live for my kin. She says sorry and leaves. roni says it won’t influence our work. Come for shooting one time.

Rupa says your sibling did this just for? Yug says yes. He should be coming. Yug stops Roni. Roni is stunned.

Kahani begins eating sugar in pressure. Children ask her what was the deal? Rani says you eat all sugar in pressure. She says Roni gave me a neckalce. What’s more, he.. He proposed me for the wedding. Everybody is stunned.

Roni says, you individuals.. I was sitting tight for you outside. Yug says I heard you conversing with secretary and you arranged this for bhabhi. Where is her blessing? Roni takes out the jewelry. He says in heart I got two neckbands made. One for this stained one and one for that margarine Kahani.

Rani says Roni uncle said he wouldn’t fret your no. Fortunate says you’re blaming it so as to eat sugar. Kahani says I am really stressed. Rani says he stick said dislike thakur uncle.. Fortunate reviews what occurred. He cries. Kahani says don’t stress fortunate. I am here for you. What’s more, I secured all your dread in the lock. Rani get him that key. Rani says I offered it to you. Kahani says it should be in my sack. Kahani checks however it’s not in her sack. Kahani says where did it go. Rani says it should be dropped where you went. Rani says it’s your cherished’s memory. Kahani says I lost my adolescence, won’t release my beloved’s memory from my hands. I will go there and discover it.