Kahani stops. She says I lied about my character. My work is a stain in individuals’ eyes. I am an artist and I am not afraid to it. Individuals don’t think of us as people. I truly required cash so I thought in the event that I inform you regarding my personality, I will be kicked out. I managed my responsibility with all genuineness. It would be ideal if you pardon me. Saroj says don’t state that. Try not to hold your hands. Kahani says to Yug what is your concern with me? You offended an ability, that resembles offending God. I just requested my kin’s bliss however now I ask that I never observe your face again. You can’t show me out, I will never observe your face again or go into this house. She leaves.

Kahani leaves. She reviews how Yug offended her. A dop holds her dupatta. Roni comes there.

Iravati says to Saroj you shouldn’t have represented an artist. You realize what occurs with an artist returns home. Saroj says all poeple are not the equivalent. All artists aren’t characterless.

Roni says to Kahani I feel terrible about what occurred. Individuals don’t perceive how great you’re in genuine. They just observe your quality. I perceive how unadulterated your heart is. I will consistently be your companion. He strokes her shoulder. Yug runs on the streets. Kahani says I don’t have a clue how to bless your heart. He says in heart give me yourself. He says I encouraged you, you help me when I need you. Kahani leaves. Yug is coming there. Roni sees him. Yug stops him to divert him. Roni says I arranged this amazement for your bhabhi maa.

Rupa supplicates that everything go great in the house. Gunjan calls her companions and welcomes them for the wedding commemoration. The dia falls on Rupa from Gunjan’s hand. Yug comes in running. He rubs the fire on her dupatta. His hand consumes. rupa says for what reason did you do this? You consumed your hand. Yug says to Gunjan how might you be so imprudent. Barki didi comes and says Gunjan should be rebuffed for doing an error like this. Gunjan says you generally affront me. I know didi is superior to me in all things. In any case, you continue offending me. Quit reprimanding me for that day. I wasn’t liable for that mishap that occurred with didi. It wasn’t my error at that point and it isn’t my misstep now. Quit accusing me. Also, this scar all over.. Rupa conceals her face. Gunjan stops. She says I am sorry didi. I didn’t mean it that way.

The children ask Kahani did you eat? She says I ate at the spot I work. Rani says you’re lying. Mention to us what occurred. Kahani cries. Rnai says kindly don’t cry. Kahani says this world is so awful. Individuals just regard the ones who have cash. Individuals just affront us. Fortunate says you says we win after we lose. Kahani says yes you’re correct.

Yug says this isn’t a scar bhabhi maa. This is a teeka on your precious stone like face. On the off chance that you weren’t there my mother wouldn’t have been with me. Gunjan says I am so heartbroken. Rupa says I am not frantic at you both. I have quite a decent BIL, spouse and sister, I am the most fortunate. Yug says you’re the prettiest. Roni says in heart everybody continues crying here. I am left with her. I needed to wed somebody lovely like Chamcham.

Saroj says to Iravati Rupa is my girl not DIL. Roni loves her to such an extent. Iravati says I a mother. My heart continues stressing over them.

Roni calls Kahani. He says would you say you are alright? She says yes I am glad as long as I have my kin with me. The house keeper says Ronak bhai would it be a good idea for me to get you food? Kahani says I have heard that voice. Roni says that is my mausi. You rest, I will get back to you. Roni says in heart she cherishes her kin. I need to plan something related for them to intrigue her.