Barki didi says pick a card. In the event that it’s a ruler, I will excuse you. He takes out a card. It’s a ruler. She says I should swindle now. He says keep your statement. She says I wasn’t faithful to my better half. how might I be faithful to you? She cuts him.

The transport for Mumbai is leaving. Chamcham says hole up behind that sack and get in the transport. The children jump on the transport. Chamcham says fortunate go with the auntie. He says will you come? She says yes. The children jump on the transport. Thakur’s men are searching for them. The transport leaves. Chamcham couldn’t get into it. She sees a symbol and says express gratitude toward God. Chamcham runs. She tricks all Thakurs men and pursues the transport. The children take a gander at her. A vehicle comes and panics the men. Chamcham gets in the transport. She embraces the children and cries. Yug is in the vehicle.