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Chamcham says this will never occur. Chamcham says cash is prepared. He says what? Cash? So no wedding. He says alright bring her kin. He says would i be able to ask you something? I brought a canine. Will you feed them bread rolls? Bring canines. His men bring wild canines. He says currently bring bread rolls. Chamcham says no stop. Leave them. they take the children towards the canines. Chamcham cries. She says for what reason would you say you are doing this? I restored your cash. He says I am doing this since I can. He says canines keep their words however I don’t. My canines need bread rolls. Chamcham shouts and says no, it would be ideal if you I will wed you, He says I love you as well. Chamcham embraces the children. They cry. He says take the children. Chamcham says no, it would be ideal if you Allow them to remain here please. He says prepare.

Chamcham goes to the live with the wedding dress. She cries. Thakur says to bring an artist who moves like Chamcham. Chamcham prepares as a lady. Chamcham says I will do anything for Lucky and Rani.

Barki didi reviews what Thakur did. She goes to the wedding as the hit the dance floor with face veil. She moves around. All men hit the dance floor with her. She goes to thakur’s space to take the document. Thakur is occupied with the weddding. The children are crying. Rani says don’t wed him. He is an awful individual. Thakur says is that how you converse with you BIL? Pandit ji says lady of the hour and lucky man get up for the rounds. Chamcham doesn’t stand. They put weapon on the children. Chamcham says no please. She gets up. The children are crying. They embrace Chamcham. Thakur says how about we start the rounds. Fortunate says she won’t wed you. Fortunate pushes him and says she won’t wed you. Fortunate pushes her. Thakur falls on a blade. It cuts him. Everybody is stunned. Thakur’s men race to him. Chamcham takes the children and runs from that point. Thakur says get them.

Barki didi comes out and sees him. He says call the specialist. Barki didi removes the veil. She says I won’t. He says I will show the photograph. Barki says this is the photograph right? I have it. Somebody took half-life, I will take the rest. Chamcham and the children run in the woodland. Thakur’s men are searching for her.

Barki didi says pick a card. In the event that it’s a ruler, I will excuse you. He takes out a card. It’s a ruler. She says I should swindle now. He says keep your statement. She says I wasn’t faithful to my better half. how might I be faithful to you? She cuts him.

The transport for Mumbai is leaving. Chamcham says hole up behind that sack and get in the transport. The children jump on the transport. Chamcham says fortunate go with the auntie. He says will you come? She says yes. The children jump on the transport. Thakur’s men are searching for them. The transport leaves. Chamcham couldn’t get into it. She sees a symbol and says express gratitude toward God. Chamcham runs. She tricks all Thakurs men and pursues the transport. The children take a gander at her. A vehicle comes and panics the men. Chamcham gets in the transport. She embraces the children and cries. Yug is in the vehicle.

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