Yug is returning home with his nephew Harsh. He inquires as to what are we doing here? You might have hitched in Mumbai too. Harsha asks whose payal is this,Yug recollect cham moving and tells I don’t have the foggiest idea yet I need to know. Individuals are praising in light of the fact that Cham is coming. Cruel flees from vehicle and Yug follows him.

Payal falls in front of an audience from his hand because of group. Cham goes ahead stage and she advises Yug to make her wear it. Group yells and advises Yug to make her wear it. Yug recollects her doing Shiv nritya and considering her to be as an artist is irate. He leaves from that point furiously. Men from swarm runs and makes her wear it.

Cham moves and the group makes the most of her dance and discharge weapons in air. Yug is leaving furiously from there,Cham cham’s chunri falls all over and he is going to toss it yet it stalls out in his watch so he tears it. Yug discovers Harsh and leaves with him. The woman who pushed the vehicle from bluff descends from the helicopter. Her shrewd bm plays. Yug considers her senior sister and contacts her feet.

Brutal asks his mom in the event that she is your mom for what reason do you call her badi didi. She says since everybody says as much. Yug inquires as to for what reason do you accomplish so much work you can arrange workers. Cham is couting cash and one men asks her when will you show me individual dance. She takes his telephone and asks what are you going to do in close to home dance? He says first I will hold your hands and afterward I will kiss your hands and hold you close.

Cham puts telephone on speaker and his significant other says return home I will show you. Yug says I brought present for you my senior sibling and your significant other. Her better half comes and tells wisecrack. He says everybody should be PVP pati vrata pati. Their mom is moving cheerfully. She comes and embraces badi didi. Yugs asks his mom how would you remain upbeat after so much has occurred. She answers just a single thing is free in this world Hapiness so takes it. She explains why get so much enthusiastic it’s an upbeat event. Hardly any thugs come and signals badi didi.

She leaves from that point. The man discloses to Cham you didn’t do great. She answers you are selling your glory here and I am selling my ability. I dance yet I am not accessible. I might be an artist yet I have some notoriety. She says God gave everybody something. Some got name,some got cash I have ability . I purchase bread for my sibling and sister with this cash. You should be embarrassed about yourself not me. The hooligan asks badi didi you vowed to pay today.

She requests that he pick a card. She pushes him down. She says even Witch fears seeing me and even Naagin passes on in the event that I chomp. Yug attempts to eliminate the bit of material from his watch and bombs so he discards his watch. His bhabhi asks him whats the issue for what good reason are you so irate. Yug says I am irate on myself I am never off-base in making a decision about an individual however I committed an error.

Yug says 15 years back this house was obliterated because of a dancer,I won’t let that happen once more. This watch was moved by her chunri so consume it. I will even consume time in the event that it is moved by an artist this is only a watch. Cham gets back home and changes Lucky’s oxygen chamber. She says she brought desserts for them. Fortunate says I needn’t bother with this you need to accomplish such a great deal as a result of us. He swoons. She and Rani returns chamber. She reveals to him you are my sibling not a weight.

Yug gives wedding band to Panditji and it tumbles down in Cham’s hand. Yug recalls her moving. She is going to give the ring to Panditji however Yug grabs it and tells the ring is debased. Pandit discloses to it didn’t fall in mud. Yug says contaminations can’t be seen. Yug tosses the ring in fire. Cham sees it stunned.

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Colors TV Hindi Serial Namak Ishq Ka Cast Details:

Serial NameNamak Ishq Ka
Channel SourceColors Tv and Voot
Main Cast NameShruti Sharma & Monalisa
Produced byGul Khan
Directed by Gul Khan’s
Written by Karishma Jain
Production byHouse 4 Lions Films.
Start Date7th December 2020 Till Continue 2021
Drama Timing Monday to Friday at 9 PM (IST)
Running time20-22 minutes