Phupi says we don’t have Kabir’s pics. Aliya says possibly somebody advised me. Roshni says nobody advised you, you know Kabir, perhaps this is Kabir’s infant, I m saying reality, my Ayana sense was saying it, trust me. Aliya says she is uncertain and figures I will grab you from her. She asks Roshni not to stain her character. Roshni says I m saying reality, I will bring each fact out. Aliya says I m going. Roshni says at that point go, you simply continue to say, you go. Aliya says you halted me to affront me, infant’s life is in harm’s way. Roshni says child is in peril as a result of you. Aman takes the inflatable from child. He disappears. The infant cries. His eyes turn blue. Aman and everybody get stunned. His hands have the wizardry. Dadi says just Kabir used. Aliya stresses. Roshni says lie needed to penetrate one day, it happened today. Aman blows up and takes a gander at Aliya.


Roshni says you won’t ever get Aman’s name, farewell Aliya. Aman and Dadi come. Aman gives a few papers to Aliya.