Namak Ishk Ka 4 April 2021 Episode Written Update

Kahani inquires as to whether he needs to leave with her? Rupa advises she would not like to go with him. Iravati advises if Kahani needs Raunak to leave Rupa than Raunak will leave with Rupa. Iravati advises Rupa to go with Raunak. Kahani tells this isn’t right.

Raunak pulls Rupa with him and Rupa battles to remain back. Kahani tells everybody Rupa is pregnant.Saroj inquires as to whether this is valid? Raunak tells currently disseminate desserts all over the place.


He discloses to Iravati my new child will come in this world,I don’t need him to watch this artists face. Kahani tells I am not going anyplace. Saroj tells in the event that you stay here the kid will not cherish any habits. Saroj advises Kahani to leave for the new kid and any place she will go I will give you everything.


Kahani discloses to Saroj I will leave. Rupa recalls Kahani saving her life and discloses to Kahani will remain in this house and this is my choice. Rupa tells in the event that somebody is a terrible organization for the youngster it is Raunak and not Kahani.


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