Namak Ishk Ka 06 February 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Roshni crying. Farah asks her not to cry. Aliya comes to insult her. Farah says all of you didn’t place my pic in this. Saima jokes seeing her youth pic. Aman requests that Chotu get the infant’s ball. Dadi says I will get other one. Roshni comes and sees the infant crying. She sees his eyes turning blue. She sees powers in his grasp. She gets stunned and reviews Kabir. She moves away and says it implies he isn’t Aman’s child, I got the verification. Aman asks what would you like to demonstrate. Roshni says keep persistence. Roshni requests that child see the ball, she is tossing it. Aman says child is crying, give the ball. Roshni says don’t give the ball, see I m tossing the ball, I m attempting to outrage him. Aman inquires as to why. Aliya stresses and sends Zaher to child. Roshni says you will know it now. Infant doesn’t respond. Aman gives other ball. He asks Roshni not to make child cry. Roshni says I get injured when infant cries, I need to show everybody that infant’s eyes turn blue when he cries. He asks what. Aman takes her.

He says you had guaranteed me. She says you likewise guaranteed me. He says you didn’t keep it. She says you likewise didn’t keep it. He says you didn’t demonstrate it, infant was crying, his eyes didn’t turn blue, if it’s not too much trouble, stop it, prepare, its infant’s naming service. He goes. She asks how might I clarify Aman. Aman comes and says Roshni is preparing, we will begin rasam soon, Roshni is fine.


Farah comes to Roshni. Roshni says Aliya and her boa constrictor bomb my arrangement consistently. Farah says its demonstrated that infant is of Aman, the quill was going to him. Roshni reviews. She says Parveen was additionally there. Farah says she can’t be infant’s father. Roshni says she has something in her grasp, possibly some paper or pic. She checks. Parveen comes and asks what are you doing here. Roshn says you gave a book to Aman, what did you have close by, if it’s not too much trouble, advise me. Parveen figures I can’t reveal to her anything. She says nothing.


Roshni says I had seen it, if it’s not too much trouble, advise me, don’t stow away. Parveen inquires as to for what reason will I shroud the photograph. Roshni says it implies you had photograph, whose photograph was it, please. Parveen says work is beginning, I m going. She goes. Roshni says I will find that pic. She glances around and blows up. The furniture flies. She sees the pic. She sees Parveen with Kabir. She says this infant resembles Aliya’s infant, how. She peruses, Kabir’s name on the pic. She says it implies child is of Kabir, not Aman. Aman says we have chosen the child’s name, Aamir. Phupi jokes. Aman says Aamir implies lord, a ruler. Dadi says indeed, he is administering on us since he came here. Aliya says so his name is Aamir Aman… Roshni says Kabir Junaid Khan. Everybody gets stunned.

Roshni says the child’s complete name is Aamir Kabir Junaid Khan. Dadi says he is Aman’s infant. Roshni says no, its Kabir’s child, this time, I have evidence. She shows the pic. She says its Kabir’s youth pic, same to same. Aman sees the pic. He asks how would you know its Kabir’s pic. Roshni requests that he turn the pic and see. She requests that Parveen if it’s not too much trouble, say, its Kabir’s pic. Dadi says he seems as though one year old, however Kabir disappeared, Parveen simply disclose to us who is this child. Parveen says I went to see Kabir once, grieved, I didn’t advise you.


Aman asks what. Roshni asks what can be greater test. Salma gets some information about DNA. Roshni says DNA practically coordinated, as Kabir is Aman’s sibling, child has a place with this family. Aliya figures how did Roshni get this pic. Aman says Aliya… . Roshni says she is lying, no utilization to ask her, she is thinking about another story. Aliya says you are lying, its redundant that endearing face’s matches his folks, what’s astounding that my endearing face’s matches with Kabir, it doesn’t mean Kabir is my kid’s dad. Aman asks how would you realize that Kabir has luxurious hair. Aliya says perhaps I have seen his photographs.

Phupi says we don’t have Kabir’s pics. Aliya says possibly somebody advised me. Roshni says nobody advised you, you know Kabir, perhaps this is Kabir’s infant, I m saying reality, my Ayana sense was saying it, trust me. Aliya says she is uncertain and figures I will grab you from her. She asks Roshni not to stain her character. Roshni says I m saying reality, I will bring each fact out. Aliya says I m going. Roshni says at that point go, you simply continue to say, you go. Aliya says you halted me to affront me, infant’s life is in harm’s way. Roshni says child is in peril as a result of you. Aman takes the inflatable from child. He disappears. The infant cries. His eyes turn blue. Aman and everybody get stunned. His hands have the wizardry. Dadi says just Kabir used. Aliya stresses. Roshni says lie needed to penetrate one day, it happened today. Aman blows up and takes a gander at Aliya.



Roshni says you won’t ever get Aman’s name, farewell Aliya. Aman and Dadi come. Aman gives a few papers to Aliya.

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