Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 24th March 2021 Written Update

The scene begins with Aishu settles on video decision to Muthuraj and stuns to see, he is attempting to end it all. Aishu requests that he quit doing inept things. Muthuraj is chatting with her sincerely to carry her to visitor house. Aishu gets some information about his whereabouts? He answers to her that he is in Maasani’s visitor house. Aishu says to him that she will be there shortly so hang tight for her. He says to her carefully don’t bring his folks there.

Aishu guarantees to him and says to him that she needs to share something critical to him. Aishu goes to the visitor house and thumping on the entryway. Muthuraj requests that she leave thinking police will got her if something turns out badly with him. Aishu continues to attempt to stop him. Muthuraj smiles. Aishu weeps for him and opens the entryway. Muthuraj imagines like hanging to death. Aishu saves him.


Muthuraj says to Aishu that she came for him so she is higher in his heart. His folks didn’t consider him. Everybody is stressing over the young lady however not for him. All are offending him for his marriage halted twice. Muthuraj express gratitude toward Aishu for coming there. He says to her that nobody think for him for what reason did everybody disregarding his sentiments. He requests that Aishu leave he will close his eyes calmly. Aishu says to him that she is here to save him not to toss him out.


Aishu says to him that she will pass on in blame in the event that anything incorrectly happen to him. Muthuraj answers to her that Aishu isn’t justification his choice. Aishu requests that he adjust his perspective she will be there for him. Muthuraj answers to her that he can’t get anything. Aishu says to him that she is prepared to wed him. Muthuraj addresses her how might their family acknowledge for their marriage? Aishu guarantees to him that she will makes them persuade.

Muthuraj says to her don’t attempt to persuade him in this time. Aishu says to him that she will be with him in every case except guarantee to her that he won’t ever take any idiotic choice. Muthuraj vows to her and says to her he will do nothing on the off chance that she is with him.


Nachiyar is sitting tight outside for Aishu. Mayan comes there and thinks for what reason is she holding up here so he also remains close to her. Saranya calls Nachiyar to rest. She reproves her for seeing Aishu is absent in the house. Nachiyar objections that Saranya isn’t dealing with everything. Saranya attempts to Aishu telephone however she isn’t picking it. Mayan questions where right? Saranya don’t know Aishu companion number so Mayan offers it to her. Saranya gains from her that she isn’t there.

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Mayan addresses Saranya when did she went out? Saranya answers to him that she realize how to look through her? Mayan chastens her for contending with him rather than stop Aishu going out in untime or neglects to keep her in house. Nachiyar requests that she quit contending. Aishu comes to there Nachiyar begins chiding her for being late. She addresses her for what reason did she went out without illuminating them.

Aishu answers to them that her companion welcomed her for work. She went to go to it. Yet, she got late subsequent to taking food there. Nachiyar and Saranya addresses her for what reason didn’t she go to her telephone? She answers to her that her telephone is quiet. Mayan addresses Aishu however she is showing her attittude to him. Mayan cautions her don’t succumb to anything. Seeing her attittude makes him question on her he is cautioning her to quit doing anything ineptitude.

Mayan is smoiking outside. Kathi comes there. Mayan says to Kathi that he speculates Aishu accomplishing something incorrectly. She arrived behind schedule to house none mindful of her whereabouts? Kathi says to him that Aishu is blameless she was prepared to wed for Nachiyar. Mayan answers to him that Aishu changed a ton. She is arriving behind schedule to home and not prepared to converse with him seeing his eyes. Kathi again upholds Aishu. Mayan says to him that Muthuraj is accomplishing something despite their good faith. Kathi answers to him that he is a boozer.

Mayan reveals to him that Vadivu made a picture to all that Muthuraj is drinking for Aishu. Aishu is the justification his state. Indeed, even Nachiyar and Aishu trusts it and gazing him in blame.

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