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The Episode begins with Maarkaat asking Bani to express bye to both her children. Jai and Veer hit one another. Maarkaat shows up infront of Bani in her two human symbol. She says Bani has shut her eyes being apprehensive and asks will I cut her neck. Mahadev asks Bani to call him from heart. Bani says Jai bholenaath..

Chandrakala gets some information about Meera. Chachi, Meera and others are in the consuming vehicle. Chachi says that fiend took Jai from here. Bani comes there as a snake and gets human. Chachi yells Bani. Bani asks them not to get stress and turns out to be half snake. She attempts to set off the fire and discovers her relatives missing. Maarkaat asks did I execute them like guardian’s great girl. Bani asks where are my relatives. Maarkaat says I won’t execute them

so without any problem. Bani hears Chachi, Mahek, Dahek and Meera calling her. Maarkaat shows them hostage and attached with the tree. Bani asks them not to get stressed. Maarkaat pours fire from her mouth. They all yell. Bani sees Jai hostage in the pen. Maarkaat says you can’t spare them.

She requests that her see Veer and shows her. Veer gets some information about the container and says you had said that you have went to keep the container. Chandrakala says truly, and inquires as to whether he is questioning her. Ponky sees the rooftop breaking and the thistles like thing coming from rooftop and starting from the earliest stage. Veer spares Ponky. Daksh attempts to go and creeps, when Chandrakala attempts to assault him, yet Veer spares him. He spares Ponky too. Chandrakala reveals to Bani that the thistles will come out from the dividers as well. She says Veer will be killed in at some point. Bani asks what will I do, to spare both my families. Maarkaat requests that her acquiescence to her so she can murder her. Bani says on the off chance that you will execute them after I give up, at that point? Maarkaat says she won’t murder falcons as they make her chuckle and she needs Servants subsequent to getting prevalent. Bani gives up herself and says you can execute me. Maarkaat doesn’t deliver Bani’s family and requests that her express bye to all the alive individuals and furthermore to both her children. Jai yells no Bani, as Maarkaat lifts Bani in air.

Chandrakala sees the falcons apprehensive. All the thistles are no more. Veer’s ring tumbles down from his hand. He says something awful have occurred with you Bani. Maarkaat brings Bani to the tilismi wilderness cavern and requests that her open the entryway, at that point will be slaughtered. Bani won’t open the entryway and says you will get my forces of Aadinaagin. Maarkaat says she will get significantly more.

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Air Date: 05 December 2020

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