He reviles Jay. Bani discovers Jay and assaults him saying he double-crossed her once more. Jay says he was simply encouraging her on the grounds that Maarkat got away from the snare. Jay and Bani goes to that spot and sees Maarkat is missing there. Jay says it’s Maarkat who send those frightening little animals not him.

She won’t trust him. They arrives at house and searches Veer. Balwant says Veer went to office and says he doesn’t have a lot of time. Bani says she won’t allow anything to end up veering. She asks Jay that how to save Veer. Jay says Maarkat is liable for Veer’s condition so she may know the arrangement.

Taapish goes to meeting and advises Veer to stand by outside. Parikh brothera again beats Veer. Jay discloses to Bani that he attempted to stop Maarkat when she was getting away yet she left from that point.