Balwant attempts to slaughter Maarkaat, yet can’t murder her. He takes the bolt and tosses on the trishul. The bolt redirects towards balwant. Balwant becomes falcon and save himself. Maarkaat tells that this is Maha Kaal’s trishul which can’t be moved. Pandit ji requests that the lady of the hour stroll before him. He says I am Viranshu Singhania and no one can stroll in front of me. Bani advises that she needs to do her marriage appropriately this time. She advises that she needs to tell something during marriage. She tells that four things are significant for

marriage and vows to believe her life accomplice. She says one side will be the world and opposite side will be my life accomplice. I will never question him and trusts him so much, so I will take his name for my entire life till my final gasp. Veer hears her. Bani is taking rounds with Jai and guarantees that she will obey him and will consistently be faithful to her, says just your hands can contact me, your eyes can see me, and it will be your heart with whom my heart will be associated.

Chandini inquires as to for what reason did you stop Veer? Jai says then I will hold your hand fastly. He holds her Bani and tells that we will take the last round as well and requests that she tell the exact opposite thing required for marriage. Bani says the exact opposite thing is love, huge love… and so forth Veer requests that Jai stop her hand and says he can’t bear any longer. He says Bani can’t wed Jai, says don’t have the foggiest idea why this is going on, yet… Chandini requests that he reconsider and does sorcery on him. Bani requests that Veer take a gander at her. Veer says how might you offer right to Jai to contact you and inquires as to for what reason would you like to wed him. Bani says I won’t offer right to anybody and tells that lone you have the privilege and requests that he return.

Chandini requests that he see that he is on the sky and tells that she won’t release him. Bani says you needn’t bother with his consent, requests that he become falcon and fly away. Veer attempts to walk, yet is limited by her. He reveals to Chandini that he needs to go and she will satisfy his desire. Bani requests that she see the entryway. Veer attempts to go, yet Chandini stops him again and says you are having dawat and getting away… you need to pay for this. She says in the event that you are not mine, at that point you wouldn’t me be able to of anybody. He slips and tumbles down from the sky. Chandini grins.

Bani cries and yells Viranshu. Balwant and Maarkaat discover the stones falling on the spot. Veer tumbles down in balwant’s home. Maarkaat says Viranshu returned securely. Balwant grins and is going to go. Bani requests that Veer open his eyes and says you are with me now. Shukla asks where is balwant saheb? Jai eliminates wreath. Bani requests that they advise Veer to open his eyes.

Balwant tells that Veer is saved from Chandini’s sorcery. He discloses to Maarkaat that bani vanquished her indeed and says her adoration has won. Maarkaat asks her not to take love name and says you realize how to embarrass love. She says Veer is critical to you until he is of any utilization to you. She approaches him to proceed to check for Veer, and says you may require him. Balwant goes. Read More…..