Naagin Season 5 24th October 2020 Episode Written Update. Naagin Season 5 24th October 2020 (24/10/2020) Complete Episode Written Update.

Today we see that Shukla says in the beginning of the episode that he knows about the importer and water that he knows what he is doing and he talks about enjoying being alone, he wonders to help him. Sakura goes to meet Jai after she prays for the fridge, scares him and says that Veer is about to die in 1 day and still has not come to his job, then asks about dishonesty only Sarva says She will never escape from her where the elder says that with the help of the red letter,

Sakurako will not let us escape from the trap and then we see that all the old ones like said that he remains guilty of everything for him, Jai says That Bani had already doubted her, we see that Vani reaches that place and sees that those people are talking with it, yet on seeing her there she is completely shocked and also knows It is said that Veer sent the import to her house and then we see that she notices that Veer is missing her ring in her hand and comes to know that he cannot be Veer too, so the original and Where is Shir, we see that Shukla asks what changed in Jai Veer, Jai says that he has his reasons.

Next we see Vani reach that place and see what is happening there, then we see that Bani who tells everything and looks at Dimple with Veer then I say Veer too Mool is not brave because I saw in his hand there is no ring, then he says that he has a soft corner for him, so she was still not coming to him except Gir.

She must not forget who she is. After that we see that she says that she knows how to give her revenge well and she knows very well how to fix it and helped her for this. Not needed because she is half a serpent and she goes away from there. Then we see that Jai gets very angry and says that he has asked her to stay within her limits and dare him to tell me so much.

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He then says that he does not have much time because Bani has already come to know the truth of nefariousness and they have to save Mayuri and Shukla as well. Lets see Jai go to meet Shukla and says that all his plan is already spoiled because Bani has told him everything then it says that one day I will die Veer before he somehow finds Bani Do not fall into your trap.