Naagin Season 5 1st November 2020 Episode Written Update

In today’s episode, you will be shown that if Jag Bani starts going out of the house, Veera goes there and stops her from going out. JB comes out of the gate and sees Veer, while he is carrying Bani inside. Takes Rehmani directly inside his room. While outside, he had given his clothes to Meera Di and told him to sit there. Similarly, Veer brings Bani into the room and he also sees meera.

Veer tells Mera that you too hate me as much as I do. Bani tells Mera that you have no need to listen to this. Similarly Meera starts to leave from there, then she stops to say anything to Veer, then Veer tells meera that you also want to put your good thoughts in front of me like Bani, then she says that anyone The thing cannot be found by force. Therefore, if you try to force anything, it will hurt you. Similarly, she goes away from there saying this and Veer holds Bani aloud and he leaves her.

Bani tells Veer that you have heard meera very easily but you do not listen to me. Veer tells Bani that I do not want to leave you because I love you. Kindly tells you that you will express your love within 24 hours. Similarly, Bani says that this will never happen. And she walks out of the room.

When she walks out of the room, Jai comes and pulls her out of there and when Veer comes out and he says where Bani has gone it was still there but hides the youth behind the room. And tells him that I have found a way to get you out. Similarly, he takes her out and tells Bani that you have fallen in love with her. So Bani says in anger, what the fuck are you doing. This can never happen because he is a human and I am a wishful serpent. I can never read in her love. But he tells me that you will fall in love with me in 24 hours and you will express it. But I am not going to do that.

In this way, like water says that where you have brought me to tell me about your friend, tell me your plan, what are you asking me about this. So I tell you that we have a plan to kill Veer. You bring him to the forest and he tells him about a place in the forest and says that there is a lot of gunpowder, whenever someone sets foot on it, there is a blast, similarly you take me there Will be so that all his work can be done.

Jai asks him that you will support me to complete this plane. So Bani says after a while that yes I will do my best. When Mari leaves her mother, it says that I have told her wrong, my plan is something else. Jay also leaves from there.

When Jai is going in the car, a masked man on the way is worn out wearing a burqa and Jai stops the car. The man comes to the glass of the car and removes himself. He finds out that this is my virancho singhania (verr). And like Veer says if you knew that I am, you would never stop the car and climb on top of me. So it says that I do not work like that. Veer asks Jay why are you after Bani. And you made a wedding plan for the first time. So it says that this is the question I wanted to ask you. Similarly, Veer says that you stay away from water because I love Bani very much. Veer tells her that whatever happened last time, it was yours, but if I tell everything to Bani, she will not believe me.

It is like this that threatens Jai that if you come between me and Bani, I will not leave you. Jay leaves the car from there.

The next morning, when Bani is sleeping, he gets a message. It is written in the message that you are ready to place Veer. Similarly, she gets very nervous and goes out. When I go out, a courier comes in her name. Bani comes with her courier to her room. And if she sees Vedic calling, she sees that there are earrings in it. Just now Ja’s call comes and she tells Ajay what Veer wants to prove by giving me earrings. Jai says that he has not given this, I have given these rings. There is a mic in it so that you can listen to me and I am yours. She wears it like this.

Similarly, it also comes there. And Bani tells him that I want to take you to a place. Veer says that I will definitely go. Veer tells Bari that if I do not like your earrings, Bani says that I will wear them now. Veer asks her to take it off but Maani does not take it off.

On the way, when Veer and Bani are going in the car, everyone is listening to them. Veer stops the car at one place. Bani says why have you brought me here, this is not the place where we wanted to go. Veer brings Bani to a bridge. Veer tells Vani that I am going to tell you all my truth. And he says that we must tell irrigation to start a new beginning.

He tells me that I am a lake and he spreads his wings and starts flying. Bani is shocked and thinks that all this is happening. But she does not say anything to Veer. Jai tells him that you ask him why you brought him to where. Veer tells Bani that you can ask whatever you want to ask me. So she says why have you brought me here. It says that when I was a child, I was running there and I slowly started flying. After flying for a while, my wings flew off and my forehead was hit on a stone and he also showed it to the stone.

It is like this, takes him to the forest and says that I want to show you one more thing. Jay tells Bani to tell me when you reach near that tree. She convinces him that she has not reached there.

Next you will see that Veer shows a mountain to Bani and tells him that when I was younger I was learning to speak, then there was a blast on that mountain which I have never seen till date. And when he was blasted, first a girl was falling, which I had saved by flying. That girl was crying a lot. At the same time, a boy was also falling down in that blast. Whom i saved He tells the water that when I came to see that girl, she was not there, I thought that maybe she needs a friend. But I was also a child then I did not know how people fall from above. But I am also wrong in that because I had hurt that girl because of me she was hurt and that child too. Bani remembers her father. And bani starts thinking that the hero I used to hate has saved my life. This kind of episode ends.

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