Telly Updates presenting Today’s Naagin Season 5 17th October 2020 Episode Written Update. Naagin Season 5 17th October 2020 (17/10/2020) Complete Episode Written Update.

Next we see that Shukla asks that everything is going according to his plan, neither Shukla says that everything is going according to our plan and exactly and then Shukla recognizes that the rest of the army serpent Is, and we see further that no one has been told about it. Then Muro asks if anyone suspects Sakura but he did not tell anyone about it. Then Shukla says that someone has done the radius because their face will Looks exactly like he actually shows.

Chirmi blows up, saying that she still looks the same as she looked before and says that if that man were in place of the serpent, she would leave Jai for them. Then she says Shakoor should not trust Should have hailed to remember because the most precious thing can be his release and he also has. After that, mine comes over there and she says that Sakura is closing near Bani.

Naagin 5 18 October 2020 Written Update

Then after that the wife of the priest overhears them all and starts to feel disappointed for her helplessness when Vani opens the cupboard and she starts pulling out the red stone and brings it out and he notices that Jai She has failed, then we give that stone makes everyone forget Urdu in the air. Goes to the big temple and asks me to do it right and I also grab the stone and even then I am left watching everything.