In the last episode of Naagin Five, you saw that Bani comes to know that Veer’s father has imprisoned someone in that room. Similarly, when she goes to the bathroom to kill Veer’s brother, that woman Hears a sound from one of the taps in the bathroom. And with the help of beauticians, she takes the form of a serpent and reaches that room, and I tell the woman that I will consider you. You do not need to worry.

When all the family learns that Veer’s brother Kiki has been murdered by Bani, they all decide that we will finish it. Similarly, they all take the form of a lake.

Similarly, Colors’ Serpent Five upcoming episode is going to be very interesting.

Veer and Bani are coming close to each other, Bani used to hate Veer at first but since he has come to know all the truth, something has started happening in his heart. But Bani is yet to know about Jai Kiss tea. But Veer is aware of all the truths of India what he did with water.

In the same way, Veer comes to know the truth of Bhiwani when only the crowd loves him. And asks her to stay at her house.

Bani decides that I will definitely take revenge from anyone who has tried to threaten the Naga dynasty in the previous era. It is similar to that which together makes a plane.