In the last episode, you were shown how Bani starts going out of the house to escape from Veer and to find out all the irrigation. So Veer comes over there. And I tell Bani that no matter how much you hide your face, even if I die, I will recognize your eyes. That’s how the episode ended.

Naagin 5 Spolier Alert 1 November 2020 Written Update

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that child artist Kanishka will come to play Oberoi in the role of Chhoti Bani Ka, which will also tell them that irrigation. On the other hand, you will see that Bari and Veer can make others shy.

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That is why when the ceremony is going on, Balveer will be seen beating, during which the real turn comes and throws him out. And they wonder who it is, who tried to kill the crowd in the form of water?

Bani remembers her past life and thinks how late she fell in love. But a new twist has come in his life.

That is why the biggest conspiracy is planned against Vani and BA during the Dussehra celebrations. Similarly, giving it to ruin gives the form of Sardarji. Jai and Bali perform their dance among the singers.

The audience will see intense drama ahead. One sided look will see Bani and Veer Dandia play Dandiya during the ceremony. Mayuri on the other hand dies. Who has killed Mayuri, Bani has killed Ja mysterious. For this information, we will update this episode soon. Read Full……