In the serpent file, you will see that after her marriage, Bani and Veer have started loving each other and are getting closer to each other. While another and Bani do not know that are still unaware of that reality.

However, Veer is aware of Jai’s reality that he is a snake. Radha keeps that which is to control Bani. Similarly, to make Bani realize everything that Jai is not right, that’s why he is making as much as one.

But Bani still has full faith and is taking advantage of this, because Jai is unaware of the truth.

Similarly, when Bani comes to know about irrigation, he will be alert that his love intentions were false, how can he do this to me.

Likewise, irrigation will soon come in front of them and soon Veer and Bani are going to gather with each other and will express love to each other. This is the way to start your new life in a new way.

Naagin 5 7th November 2020 Written Update

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