The scene starts with Veer says Chandrakala is his mom and he doesn’t realize Maarkat at that point heads inside. Specialist says Jay will be fine not long after treating his injury. Veer says Bani denied to treat Jay that is the reason he called Doctor to treat him. She says still she doesn’t trust Jay that is the reason she chose to not treat him.

Veer says he additionally doesn’t really accept that him yet Jay slaughtered Bani’s adversary Maarkat so he merits credit for that. She says they are together a direct result of Jay so he should give acknowledgment for that likewise to Jay. Veer says they are together a direct result of him and Jay isn’t answerable for anything. Ponky says they are keeping party in light of the fact that Veer got his forces back. Veer difficulties her that she will kiss him before everybody in the gathering. Ponky and Daksh was brightening the house and goes to dazzle the young ladies.

Meher, Keher gets annoyed seeing that. Veer look through Bani in the gathering. Pandityan understands such Bani’s reality is at serious risk however feels powerless on the grounds that she can’t caution her this time as well. Ritu prevents her girls from eating and advises them to intrigue Veer’s cousins. Veer gets entranced seeing Bani and plays with her and furthermore reminds her about the test. Bani runs from that point saying he can’t get her. Jay comes first floor at that point goes higher up. Veer follows him thinking Jay arranging something without a doubt.

Jay says he understood that Bani doesn’t need him any longer. Veer says Jay can do anything he needs in this house other than harming Bani and his family. He says Jay should realize that why he permitted him to remain in this house. Jay says he realizes that since he murdered Bani’s greatest foe Maarkat. Veer says it’s acceptable that he knows it and goes down the stairs to appreciate the gathering. Jay reviews how he met Maarkat after Bani poured that toxic substance water on her. He says he found the best approach to execute Bani that excessively simple one.

He hollers at Maarkat saying she fizzled in her every endeavors except he won’t. He shows harpoon to her and says he will execute her on full moon late evening utilizing this pike and says in the wake of murdering her he will turn out to be incredible. He assaults her unexpectedly utilizing spear. She asks how might he double-cross his own mom. He says now he will get her forces too once she bites the dust then he will get Bani’s forces subsequent to slaughtering her. He comes to the real world and says he even hurted himself to demonstrate his blamelessness to Bani.

Pandityan chooses to caution the peril to Bani. Bani stows away from Veer at that point look through him. He goes to her. She requests that he close his eyes so she can kiss him however swindles him. He imagines like he is irate and requests that she persuade him. Bani understands that out of nowhere house become quiet and that time some person enters there.

At the point when he passes Bani, something happens to her. That person traps everybody in his enchantment trap and requests them to adhere to his guidelines and everybody begins to move like him aside from Bani. Veer powerfully makes Bani hit the dance floor with him. Bani ponders who is that fellow and why Veer following his means and thinks to accomplish something. Jay asks Bani that what’s going on here and gets some information about that person.

Jay says he is glad that she is conversing with him. She says she doesn’t confide in him still. Later she thinks to meet Pandityan to discover an answer for save her family however she can’t take off from the house. She calls Baba and educates him regarding that unusual person. Pandityan arrives at Bani’s home to caution her and was going to move toward her however Jay stops her and hauls her with him.

That odd person meets Bani. She asks who is he and says she knows about his forces. She says he controlled everybody utilizing his capacity aside from her and says she confronted simply little change all over as a result of him. Pandityan says Jay is the person who murdered her better half and says he is Adi naagin’s adversary and says she realizes such Bani’s reality is in harm’s way. He says he will divulge his mystery to her and requests that she see his face in water. She stuns seeing Maarkat’s face and understands that what Jay did. He attempts to execute her. Abnormal person discloses to Bani that he is here to remind her about the vengeance.Read Full…..