Today’s episode begins with Bani when Bani is telling her that we are enemies of the past era of the districts. You also know that because of them, you too had lost your life from a previous life. Like Bani says that I will stay in this house now. I will change all these districts one by one. So it says that even Bani tells Veer that if he is wrong, he will take revenge from him also.

Similarly, when all the family members are talking about the serpent, Bali comes there and then Veer is happy to see him. Only then will you see where Bani says where the musri is, all the family members start looking for him, then big news comes that they will know that I have killed Mary. But after a while Jai stops me and calls Veer. And she says that I am going to USA. Bani tries to convince her but she is not ready to understand she leaves.

Similarly, when he comes there, he also says that I will stay where I am because I cannot leave Bani among you. Veer says that you will not stay here. I hate you guys Bani says that Jaa will remain here for now, Veer agrees to this. Veer’s father says what is happening in our house.

Bani and Jai go on, telling Baniya how you knew the names of Smriti’s friends because I never told you their names. So he says that I came to know his name on the day of the party. Also comes from the top and says that which room have you liked. He stands in front of Muric’s room and says that if there is no Mayuri now, I will stay where I am. Veer says how do you know that Mayuri is not there. Were you spying

Bani further says that we know what we are doing, we have to do this to get revenge from you, we keep each one informed. After some time you will see that out of the house which was closed in the room, there is a girl and she starts making a voice that help me.

After a while Bani comes out of that room and says that I will find out today what is inside this room. Beer’s father comes from above and she changes her form and takes the form of a snake. But the father of Veer comes to know that there was something here. When he comes down and comes into the room, he sees that there is a serpent here and he tries to kill her but she assumes the form of Bani. And Veer’s father asks him to leave from here.

When Bani is going outside, she says that she says that I will know the irrigation of that room. Because when Veer’s father came on his mother, he had a plate in his hand and I also heard the cry of someone crying in the room. That’s when Veer’s father comes from behind and tells him that you will never go to that room. And after saying this, let’s go from there.

When Bani is going up, she calls him that you will come to my room, I have some work with you, then Bani is about to go to that room that he comes there too and catches her. Veer and Jai start quarreling among themselves. And Bani leaves from there. And when she comes out of the room, she shoots Veer out of the room. And goes to the other side and starts driving it that if you live you will pass between mosquitoes.

The next morning you will see that there is only bread in the food. Veer’s father says that where is our meat, Bani says that Navratri is going on, that’s why we cannot eat all this. Shukla gets up and says that I bring Bani says that I have removed the meat everywhere. Then there is also a crowd.

After this, Jaani and Bani make a plan, Bani takes the form of her friend and is about to kill Veer’s brother that he again hears the girl he heard going down the room the day before when Veer’s father had arrived. It is like this, after taking the form of sir, it enters the pipe and reaches that room.

When she reaches the room, she takes the form of elder and says that my suspicion was right here, then someone remembers. This is how the episode ends.

Naagin 5 14 November 2020 Written Episode Updates