In the next episode of Naagin File, you will be shown that when Veer and Bani go into the forest, Veer tells Bani everything about himself. In the same way, it is as if she was the hero who saved the life of both of us. So it is less than youth that you do not believe his words. And he says that you pay attention to your plane. On the other hand, Shukla also comes there. Like Shukla says that I have reached there. And like Shukla says that he is just a short distance away and he will reach there soon.

After this, he talks to the youth that you will have to travel only a short distance and you will reach that place. But I had told him the wrong place. The place of gunpowder had already come from the place Jai had told. Bani comes to know that there is ammo here. When Veer sets foot on gunpowder, he bursts. Bani saves him from there. Similarly, they sit in the car as soon as possible. It asks each other that you are fine.

Come to the same house. On the other hand, Jai tells Shukla that you have messed everything up. And he is brought to the market. And he tells the market that bless me today, I am going to sacrifice the palace of Nagaur lake. Shukla and the girl get nervous about what it is going to do. But both of them somehow push Jai in front of the market and the market catches him. Tells the market that you bring half the serpent, it will not be good if you annoy me.

In the same way, Meharbani is called and Bani comes to the place where he called her. Bani tells Jay why you have called me here. Jai tells him that you have failed all the plans. That is why we have to make a new plan to kill Veer. But Bari wishes that she has saved the lives of both of us, that’s why I cannot kill her. And because of that, the people of the house have decided to bring the mother goddess home.

On the other hand, Veer and his brother bring the goddess mother to the house. Veer and Bani perform the assembled aarti, and later Dandiya starts playing. While playing Dandiya, Vijay comes there by changing the buffalo. And he pulls the serpent and tells him what is our plan ahead and she tells that Bani cannot kill Veer but you can kill him. That is why she says that Dandiya is going to start in a while and I will distract Bani and you finish your work. This is the way it does it.

First of all, Veer and Bani play Dandiya and after that all the family also start playing Dandiya. Then the serpent pushes the water and she goes inside a room. Similarly, she changes her appearance. And Bani says what do you want to do. This is the way it takes it out.

Similarly, he goes there and Veer suspects that there is someone behind the curtain when he starts looking behind the curtain, then comes to Bani’s base there and attacks Veer. Veer gets very surprised after seeing all this and says what have you done. And Bani says that you have told your style but you do not know my truth.

Similarly, bani tells her truth and says that I am a wishful serpent. Just like I had killed you in the golden age, I will still know you the same way. Even after this one starts to remember everything that was spent with him in the past. On the other hand, Bani and Peacock are fighting with each other. Veer Bani’s name is called and it rains. Bani says that Veer will definitely be in danger. In the same way, she is fighting with him, bites him and goes to Veer.

Jai is about to kill the beer in the form of water that the elder comes there and stops him. Veer comes to Bari and says that I remember everything that happened in the past. All the family members come down from the top and say what is happening. Then Bani takes the form of a serpent and Veer’s father says that it is a serpent. We have to kill it. All the brave comes before him and says that no one will touch it. His father says that he is a serpent, why are you going to die as a serpent? Veer says that I am saving my wife’s life. You will not say anything to Bani while I am.

If you have to calm your anger, then you calm the anger by killing this two-tiled dagger snake. Then Bani is going to go with him that stops the heroes and says that you will stay where you are. Tells the Japanese that you cannot live in the middle of these districts. Your life may be in danger. So Bani says that I can take care of myself so that is why both of you do not need me. Jay leaves from there but Veer tries hard to stop Bani but she too leaves.

When Bani and Bani come out, he talks to the youth and says that you will not go back to this house. Your life may be in danger. Bani further says that I am a wishful serpent who has protected all serpents for centuries. And we have always moved on to the permanent saying. Similarly, those who have done wrong to me in the past and are still doing it, I cannot leave them like this.

So it says that if you punish Jai too, Bani says no. A similar episode ends.