Next you will see that as soon as the episode starts, Vani asks why she did not ask about the curtain used to separate the bed. He then says that it will be of no use as she will never lie to him and she is tired of explaining to him about his feelings towards her. She then says that she has no feelings for him. She says that she knows everything that she is not even accepting that her feelings really are there but one day the government will definitely do it.

She then sees some powerful magical part in Jai Bhavani’s house swimming pool. She enters Shakti Vani’s body which is sleeping there and she has no idea that something is entering her body. After that we see in her that she wakes up and walks towards the door where she has to fight against the magic power.

But again the powers begin to enter her body and she comes out. Then waiting for the youth and thinking that seeing her with her today, Veer will lose control and must kill Mani He will try and get something for which he has been waiting for many years.

Naagin 5 Spolier Alert 1 November 2020

Along with that, his waiting years will also be over. Next we see that he succeeds in getting her under his mantras and asks him to look at the swimming pool carefully and says that he is thinking only to enter the swimming pool. She then nods at him and is about to enter the swimming pool but he comes there to stop her and tells her that she will hold her breath only then she will be able to do it.

Naagin 5 1st Nov 2020 Written Update

She agrees to him and she does the same to him laughing and said that he never thought that he could get Adi Nagin under his magical spell in this way. Then we see that there is order to attack Veer When he comes out, after that we see that then he is asked to call Veer there. The latter tells him who he is and smiles for him to come and he grabs him and pushes him into the saving bridge, knowing that Veer is watching them yet he catches him and pushes him into the swimming pool.

We later see that Veer saves Vani and shouts Jai. He says don’t forget why Jai did this to him. Then we see that Bani also pushes Veer and takes the knife which was there and says that he will definitely cut his wrist.

We then see Jaivir informing him that this is happening because he had already told her that she loves him and not Veer. Still takes the knife from him. And tells him not to even try to get close to him and says that he hates him. He also warns Joe to leave before he kills him.

Next we see Birbani gives her a handkerchief and tells him that he no longer asks her to promise him and he promises her that he will not let her meet the poison then Mayuri pokes him and the next day Let’s talk about celebrating marriage.

We then see that Veer’s cousin gets excited and says that he will first ask for a party till Sharad and only then will take the next decision. Next we see that Muri taunts Bani that he has to go to this house How is the presence of Inward enjoying, then Bani says that he was not her type at all and he also makes fun of her.

He then stops Birbani to go outside, saying that she has a reflection on leaving the house. Later Bani calls Meera and tells her everything about the plan. And then we see that mine goes to Veer’s house as a dancer and comes from there with a dress for Bani so that he escapes from there without Veer’s knowledge.

Next we see that after dancing After Bani enters the room, Bani gives Meera her sari and asks her to wear it as well. Then according to my Bani’s saying, she comes there wearing her saree, then Bani tells her not to be afraid and says that you don’t worry everything will be alright, you just do what I am saying, then meet where She tells him after he will come back. Next we see that she asks him to go to Veer if this family saw his face by someone else.

Then we see that I say that Veer has already helped him but Bani is so sure that Veer will save him once again to go against his family. Then we see that Vani says this That she does not know all that and she gets upset from there. Next we see that she is about to open the gate but Veer stops her by saying that she cannot avoid him by saying that she cannot escape him.

You can hide your face, I can recognize you without seeing your face and I have recognized you. And your eyes are enough to recognize you, I don’t need to see your face. Hearing all this, Bani goes to the Chowk and he holds her red-handed, and says that why should you come in disguise, answer me and you will get punished.

First date: 1 Nov 2015
Production Location: Mumbai, India
Number of installments: 290
Direction: Santram Verma, Ranjan Kumar Singh
Networks: Colors, Viacom18, Voot