The Episode begins with Bani inquiring as to whether they heard something, when they go into the house where Veer is bolted under. Veer figures out how to fly out and faults bani to be risky. Jai discloses to Bani that he slaughtered Maarkaat, yet in addition got her forces.

14 hours prior: Bani thinks where to look through Viranshu? Jai comes behind Bani and says he is looking through her since long. Bani cries and says we need to accomplish something. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea where is Viranshu, and tells that she was unable to recognize who was the young lady who took my symbol and took Viranshu. Jai requests that she leave everything on God and tells that he knows a Baba who can tell about Veer. He holds her hand and says I realize that you would prefer not to confide in me, however I need to help you from my heart. He thinks he came to help her and caught her in his snare.

Jai requests that Bani accompany him and rest for at some point. He takes her to a house and says there is only one room here. She requests that he go and says I will deal with. She shuts the entryway after he goes. Jai thinks I have no issue to disappear from you, as you are away from Veer. Bani thinks however I am away from Veer, I will discover approaches to ensure him. Jai thinks I need to keep you here until that evening comes.

Veer requests that Tapish and Meera go. He hears child sound and attempts to redirect himself in work. Tapish says this isn’t an ideal opportunity to work. Veer tells that he is hearing infant sound and inquires as to for what reason am I hearing this? He says performer bani rani is attempting to control me utilizing the infant sound, says he will get frantic. He requests that they go frantic. Tapish and Meera attempt to be with him, yet he makes them go and hears child crying sound. He keeps hand on his ears and thinks for what reason am I hearing this sound.

Meera asks Tapish what Veer is doing? Balwant says until bani gets back with Veer, he can’t be fine. Ponky asks Daksh, will we tell bade dad that the naag Jai is accomplishing something incorrectly and we are with him. Daksh stops him. Balwant requests that they go. Veer attempts to rest and gets infant sound. He wears earphone and tunes in to music. He again hears infant crying sound and gets strained. He thinks for what reason is he hearing such stable and keeps hand on his ears.

Next morning, Jai makes tea for Bani. Bani advises that she needs to go. Jai asks where? Bani says she needs to proceed to get some answers concerning the crystal gazing about the threat. Jai says veer has failed to remember you and asks what is the advantage? Bani says he has failed to remember me, yet I remembered him. She says Veer is my better half and I need to ensure him. Jai reveals to her that her foe is more remarkable than her and asks how could he figure out how to come inside the house, moving the bel patr, took your symbol and took Veer with him. Bani comprehends Jai is her adversary. Jai requests that she sit and think. Bani says gives up out, I am feeling choked. She figures I won’t tell you that I have recognized my foe.

Balwant, Tapish and Meera go to Veer’s room. Veer attempts to gather his pack and discloses to Balwant that he can’t endure as his nerves are blasting. He says I need to disappear from here. He leaves the house, while they attempt to stop him. Bani thinks how to dispose of Jai, until he is with me, I can’t look through Veer. Veer is in the vehicle and still hears child sound. She thinks how to make Jai disappear from here. She says she needs to get over the contemplations of Viranshu. Jai requests that she hold his hand. She holds his hand and professes to fall. Jai says I will lift you. Bani says I can’t move and requests that he bring splash from his home. Jai says alright and goes. He returns and discovers her missing. He understands she has tricked him. Bani rushes to escape from Jai. Veer is in the vehicle still.

Bani sees him going to the opposite side and diverts to see Jai coming from the front. Jai asks what is this? I’m attempting to help you. Bani pushes him and says she realizes that he did this to get her forces. Jai says yes and tells that he will slaughter her and will get proprietor of the Naagmani, and will become shaktimaan and will be loved in the World. Bani says we are lovers and can’t be adored. Jai says that is the reason you are left as a hawk’s significant other. Jai says I love demon and will do likewise. Bani says Veer let you stay in his home and you… Jai says he is tricking them. Bani requests that he be calm and says you are a fiend by birth. She says you are lying since start. Jai says I had slaughtered maarkaat as she was the steps to reach up and that is the reason I murdered her.

Bani says I can’t accept, how I was unable to distinguish you and got deceived by you since Satyug. He asks her not to cry. Bani says I won’t leave you, I am even now aadinaagin and holds him. He becomes like Maarkaat, with his half face consuming. He says I didn’t execute my mom, however got every one of her forces. He says lets see, who murders whom? Bani pushes him and evaporates. He yells Aadinaagin.

Veer thinks this is finished by the stalker and figures this voice will make me frantic. He thinks not to allow the voice to overwhelm him and says he is Viranshu Singhania. Bani runs out and about and slams into Veer’s vehicle. Veer stops the vehicle and inquires as to whether she needs to kick the bucket with his vehicle. He asks what she needs to do. He says I am getting distraught and says you pushed me in kalkothri and afterward you pushed me. He requests that she go.

He requests that she get out, else he will drive vehicle on her. He turns and thinks on the off chance that he is envisioning her. He thinks he is getting distraught and sits in the vehicle.