Meera says I… Veer says you are my senior sibling would be spouse and says he will win Rani. He says he won’t go with Bani. Meera inquires as to why? He asks who will do tidying, cleaning, cooking and so forth Meera says she will do.

He says we will appreciate. Meera says bani is a stalker, what she will do there. He goes to welcome Rani. Bani figures how she will oversee twofold jobs? She tells that Jai will help her. Meera inquires as to whether she confides in Jai.

Bani says on the off chance that jai swindles her, at that point he can’t confront her. She says she needs to ensure her family. Does Meera ask family? Bani says I mean everybody. They take off from the house. Jai sees Bani leaving with Veer.

Bani sees snake following her and thinks on the off chance that its aims were acceptable, at that point it would have contacted her at this point. Veer and Bani are in the farmhouse. Jai tells the snake men that Aadinaagin is caught in a house covered with bel patr. Veer feels the aroma smell of Rani in Bani. Bani gets strained. Read More….