Naagin 5 November 29, 2020, Written Episode: The scene of Naagin 5 again goes on flashback where Bani is holding up at the living region of her home for Markat. Veer, then again, begins romancing there itself as she doesn’t go inside her room. Veer plays brilliant as he doesn’t accept that Markat is his mom. Veer and Bani are having a second they have a sentimental battle. Bani sits on Veer’s lap and he attempts to kiss her however that doesn’t occur. Markat in her variant goes into the lounge room and converses with Bani, while Veer is dozing. Markat plays with Bani’s brain and vanishes. She considers everybody and says that Markat was here before her, and when they went into Chandrakala’s room, she was lying there.

Bani goes to her room and Jay and Veer follow her. She attempts to persuade that Markat is playing a major event and we must be careful. However, nobody tunes in. When Veer attempts to rest, Bani gets up from the bed and take naagin’s symbol.

Markat grabs Koyal, who is Kishore Kaka (guard’s girl) and Bani follows her, Markat takes her naagin symbol and eats Koyal. Bani shouts so anyone can hear and yells. She assembles the entire family and accuses Chandrakala before everybody. Markat cries and acts guiltlessly that she has sat idle.

The safety officer likewise rejects that Veer’s mom has sat idle. Kishore leaves and apologizes for all the misconception.

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