Bani goes inside cavern, she express gratitude toward him for giving vision so she saved everybody. Cavern says I can’t help you everytime, its contrary to rules.. substantial snow fall, bani ask that she need to save my better half!! Cavern says your requests are expanding step by step adinaagin. Bani says she don’t need cash, forces or anything, simply need to save my Veeranshu.

Cavern draw steps and reveal to it will take you there. Bani says I will not fail to remember your kindness. Bani attempt to stroll on steps, however cavern stops her expression you need to make manage us. Bani says ask anything you desire in this arrangement, to save Veer’s life. Mountain man asks you won’t deny. Bani says no. Mountain man says I need your vision, will you go on the moon without vision? Bani says yes.

Bani tumble from the rooftop. She reveals to Meera that she went on the moon and saw Veer wedding somebody. Jai recommends her to wed. Jai-Bani and Veer-changing get wed and most likely observe one another while wedding. Read More…..