They go to the cafeteria. She arranges cold water or herself and ordinary water for Veer. He asks how would you know? She says your voice is unpleasant and that is the reason I thought, good judgment. Server brings water. Veer asks do you have any beau? She gets hack while drinking water. He says Bani used. She asks who is Bani? Server comes and requests that they request. Veer is going to arrange Mushroom dish, however she says you are adversely affected by it. She at that point acknowledges and tells that she has known this from web-based media. They drink. She gets regurgitating sensation and rushes to the washroom. She figures she didn’t eat anything incorrectly why she is feeling unwell. Veer requests that she open the entryway and says he will break it. Bani becomes snake and slithers out. Veer breaks the entryway and get inside, thinks where right? bani arrives at home and enlightens Meera concerning feeling unwell. Meera says she will call the specialist. Veer savors wine the house and discloses to Balwant that Taneja’s little girl will get her father’s marks on the papers. Balwant reveals to Tapish that Veer is looking dismal without Bani. Jai goes to Singhania’s home grasping the fluid. Tapish comes to Veer. Veer says he feels that he has missed something and is running, felt peculiar and as though, he is trespassed. Tapish says you have no done any mix-up, and says their family have done sins. He says Dad said that they have halted all the awful works. Veer asks who really focuses on it when the jug is infront of the table.

Jai takes a gander at them from outside and thinks this is the opportune chance to take bani out from here. Meera calls the specialist and requests that she stand by there, until she advises her sister. Specialist says sure. Jai goes to the Doctor. Meera comes out and requests that Doctor come. Specialist is lying dead or oblivious behind the couch. Jai sends Meera out, saying she needs to converse with the specialist and shuts the entryway.

Tapish asks Veer what’s happening with he? Veer says I can do anything and tells that Rani, Taneja’s little girl is prepared for the arrangement, however… .Tapish looks on. Veer requests that he state something and tells that he is anxious, don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on. He says everybody is keen on me. Tapish says might be somebody is in your heart. Veer inquires as to whether he is discussing Bani. Tapish says I didn’t take her name. Veer says I won’t be gotten by any young lady as I am a bird who can fly so high. He turns into a falcon and takes off.

Specialist/Jai contacts Bani’s hand. Bani gets up stunning as she hears child crying. Jai thinks in the event that she distinguished me. Jai as the specialist requests that she rests on the bed and says I will give you supplements. Bani hears child sound again and figures she would prefer not to complete the examination. Meera stresses for Bani and discovers Doctor’s dead body behind the couch, as she steps on her hand. Meera thinks who is inside at that point? Jai/Doctor gives her green fluid and requests that she drink. Jai thinks drink it quick with the goal that I can take you a long way from the window. Bani is going to drink, when she hears child cry sound once more. Veer returns home and hears child crying sound coming from the room. Jai/Doctor attempts to make her beverage, when Veer comes there and falls on Bani and the glass tumbles down from her hand. Meera comes there and reveals to Bani that Doctor is outside and her heartbeat isn’t felt. Bani says Doctor was here. Jai covers up and comes in his structure. Veer lifts Bani, similarly as she steps on the glass pieces. She hears child snickering sound and comprehends that she is pregnant. Veer says you attempt to discover reason to embrace me. Bani says no. He says now he will proceed to rest calmly. He emerges from the room and hears infant crying. He inquires as to whether she heard child sound, yet she says that there is no infant here. Veer thinks he heard the sound. Bani hears him and says truly, Viranshu, you are correct, our infant is here. She contacts her belly.

Jai goes to the Tantrik and tells that nothing functioned according to his arrangement. He says she didn’t drink the fluid and tells that he is ravenous and haven’t eaten anything, as the grahs are coming nearer. Tantrik asks will I keep the bhandara for you. Jai says yes. Tantrik requests that he eat the food kept there. Jai takes the food to eat. Tantrik chuckles and says you was Adinaag previously and now what you have become. Jai says very soon, he will turn out to be incomparable and amazing. Tantrik does some enchantment and finds the moon in the fluid. He gets up incredibly. Jai asks what was the deal? Bani goes to Veer’s room while he is resting. She says Doctor didn’t give me any papers that you are coming, yet I realize that you are coming and my heart realizes that you are coming. She says I need to inform you concerning your Papa. She says your Papa was rarely terrible and is great. She says he quit drinking wine subsequent to meeting me, with his desire. She comes and sits on the bed. She gives her hand under his head, as he turns. H says great and asks where did she go? Bani reveals to her child that his Papa will cherish you. Veer says your decision resembles me, Rani. Bani awakens him. He asks what is she doing on his bed? She says you are holding my hand and inquires as to for what reason would he say he is vulnerable? He says he is Veer, and isn’t vulnerable to do anything and says this is the response to every one of her inquiries. He says bye and goes to the washroom. Bani grins and figures he won’t change. She asks child not to take strain and says your Papa is same, change in each second and becomes explanation behind my grin. She thinks Veer is in harm’s way and she must be prepared to confront the threat. She thinks this spot isn’t protected.

Jai asks Tantrik what is this? Tantrik strides on the water. Jai stops Tantrik and pushes him. He sees Veer and Bani in the water/fluid and advises that he needs to move. He nibbles Tantrik and says he despises the back biters/aggressors and thinks he herself is the snake in sleeve. He sees child with them and thinks a difficulty is going ahead that hawk and giggles.

Veer is sitting in the corridor. Bani inquires as to whether she realizes what to do. Meera says Tapish considered her and tells that everything is prepared in the homestead house. She says she will tell Veer. Bani asks do you asked, him to welcome whom? Meera says yes. Bani tells such Veer’s reality is in harm’s way, my foes need to execute me so they can contact me. She says we need to safe him. Meera says we need to save him, as you love him and he cherishes you more. She goes to Veer. Veer says I am playing the game and requests that she go. Meera educates that the news is distributed concerning Rani. She asks what? Meera says enormous individuals are after Rani and tells that Tapish has made an arrangement. She requests that he welcome Rani there and date her there. Veer says no, I would prefer not to hear your no. Veer says with which right, you are requesting me?