Scene starts with Bani argues Angel to fix Veer. He says he can’t do that adage he doesn’t has ability to do that and says he can simply favor her and says nobody can isolate Bani and Veer and says he needs to leave at that point leaves from that point. Ponky offers cash to Aghori baba. Jay hits Aghori baba’s head from behind and Ponky shuts his mouth so he couldn’t ready to yell and they takes him to backwoods. Aghori baba says Jay is fool that is the reason he is attempting to slaughter him.

Jay beats him and says now nobody can save him. Aghori baba discovers that Jay slaughtered Pandityan and her significant other. Jay says he will slaughter every individual who goes ahead his way and attempts to assault him saying he will murder him as well. Aghori baba begins to play his hardware so Jay, Bani begins to change into snake. Jay requests that he quit playing that idiom he can’t handle him. Bani conceals her face from Veer. He says she can’t get him and advises her to take off from the house. She says she can’t go and goes to discover from where commotion coming.

Aghori baba thinks to arrive at Bani yet he drops his gear unintentionally. Jay utilizes that opportunity and assaults him and says he previously revealed to him that he can’t handle him and slaughters him. Bani discovered Aghori baba’s hardware and considers how it came to here and stuns seeing his dead body. She understands that he played the gear since he needed her assistance yet she arrived behind schedule and apologize to him.

Daksh advises Veer about bicycle race. Bani comes there and says she needs his assistance and advises about the dead body at that point takes him outside. She stuns seeing dead body is absent. He says seems like she needs to invest energy with him that is the reason rationalizing this way. She says she just brought the dead body here. He snickers at her and says she is doing this to stand out enough to be noticed however he got her falsehood and heads inside. She affirms that somebody executed Aghori baba and marvels who might have done that.

She says she even got Pandityan’s neck piece here and it’s additionally conceivable that she came here to meet her and now she is likewise absent. Bani discloses to Meera that she needs to remain with Veer consistently to ensure him. Meera says for him she is house servant and furthermore he isn’t remaining in the house generally and illuminates her that he will partake in some bicycle race. Bani says he can dodge Bani however not Rani. She arrives at the bicycle race place wearing head protector.

One of the person says that new member will break Veer’s record today and the race starts among Veer and Bani. Veer dominates the race. Daksh and Ponky observes Veer’s triumph. Bani eliminates her head protector. Veer says he realizes that she made him win and stuns seeing her face. She says her name is Rani not his house keeper. She says it’s their first gathering and certainly not last one as well and leaves from that point. He follows her and says she is Bani as it were.

She derides him. He requests that she demonstrate that she isn’t Bani. She will not demonstrate him and leaves from that point. Veer arrives at his home and discloses to Daksh that Rani entered Taneja enterprises just and goes to check Bani. He stuns seeing Bani in house and accepts that Bani and Rani are two distinctive individual. Read more…..