The episode begins with Bani Veera and Veer who are surprised that Bani was still outside and how she came out from this magical tomb and is also listening to his talk from the top and he goes to Markat and He tells me that I too put all my strength but he did not open the big glass armor but how did Bani open it because Veer has seen him outside and Mera also saw him in the garden. So the market says that I have lost my mind so much earlier and if you don’t do it then it would be better if the market says that you just come out with that magic paper, I will kill Bani myself.

So it says that there are two parties going on below, that is why everyone will be, so how will I lie when the market says that you will have to provoke everyone’s attention and bring it out somehow. So he diverts everyone’s attention and brings Bani to a forest where he has magical powers. When the general mail comes from the web, it says that I had already made Bani unconscious, she hears this voice with power and she comes out of her bus and you are surprised how you came out.

So she tells Jai a lot and says that you are cheating, you have cheated me. What does it say that I have not cheated on you and he tries to tie Bani to his lies but Bani comes to know about Jay just after a while Jai removes his truth from his mouth .

When he is telling all the sizes, he says that the market is very dangerous, similarly the market also comes there and he makes Ajay unconscious. And the market tells Bari that what do you think if I leave my son like this, Bani is shocked and the market tells that Jai and Veer are both my sons. So the market says that you will not be able to stand in front of me and the market says that I already knew about your and Veer’s plan what you are going to do. Similarly, I have started showing Veer as well. In the same way, the serpent is about to take its form, that Markat sends her to a strange cave from where she cannot get out. She tries hard to get out of that cave but she fails.

Market sells Bani’s sister-in-law to her house so that I can kill her. On the other hand Veer comes out of his room and starts searching for Bani but does not agree when she opens the door, she is out and he takes her in. He does not kill Bahupriya Bani that another person comes to me and she stops. Then she somehow sends Mera to the room and tells Veer that we go and talk in some corner.

On the other hand, Bani is praying in front of Bholenath that Bholenath protects my hero, then she starts dancing so that Bholenath will be happy to save her.

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On the other hand, Bani’s sister-in-law, Veer Kumar, does not think that there is a single reading there and he does not feel heart when she starts killing him, that glass comes forward and that dagger gets on top of that glass and glass Breaks. Then the crowd comes to know that it cannot be big, in the same way, it takes the form of a eagle and imposes powers on it and it turns into an ash.

Veer says that it is not Bani then where Bani is, similarly he goes to find her. On the other hand, Bani comes to know that cutting the bar has sent me to this cave to find out the secret of this cave so that I can find that secret and the antagonist can know this secret by killing him. Bani tries hard to find that secret but she cannot find anything.

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