Today’s episode starts with Meera who tells Mera if you must have a drink, then Mera says that I don’t drink. She leaves from there, sometimes the party starts there. Tells you that the party has to dance to make more interest, sometimes Veer and Bani start dancing and Jai also starts dancing together.

Then Veer and Bani make a plan that we will definitely find the power that makes me weak, then they dance and go close to everyone and check that those powers are in which they are harming me. By the way, we check everyone but I am left when I go near Veera, then Jai pulls Bani towards him and takes him out. bonky sits next to veer’s mother. But he leaves his mother alone and he also starts dancing only then you will see that Meera comes and takes him out and Veer is looking for bani on the other side but cannot find the turn.

Say to Jayy bani, that’s why I can’t leave you in the middle of those three because she can harm you. You can’t leave you in the middle of chil because she can harm you. It is like this, takes him outside to the garden and he pretends that I bring wood for you to light the fire because it is cold. So goes from there and arrives as Markat’s mother and starts fighting with her. When the fight is going on, the veer also comes there but the veer realizes that Bani has fought with my mother because her mother is falling down. Bani tries to tell the truth but does not listen to him.

And Veer takes his mother and goes to the room. After that jay comes there and tells bani that my biggest enemy turned out to be true is your veer’s mother and you have to kill the hero.

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When Veer comes up, she also comes on her as her snake. bani tries to tell Veer the truth but I do not believe his words. Then Bani says that your mother is a killer. all of this
I am also mixed in jay. So Bani says that if you want to end the hostility of eagles and snakes forever, then you have to support me, then it says that you want me to join you and kill my mother who has given birth to us. And bani says that you have to take this decision thoughtfully. And he calls his brothers to get Bani out of the house and he brings a glass box.

On the other hand Jai sees in the dream that the gardener comes to him and tells him that I am close to Veer but Leto breaks and comes out of the dream, gets up. And comes out of the dream. And he goes outside and sees that the water is crying, then he goes near it and from there comes the veer and starts clapping. And in front of jay says to Bani that Bani, I understood all your current.

Similarly, when Bani is serving food, there is some power effect on her and she turns red and goes to her room and Veer also follows her and takes care of her.

Next you saw that this too prepares his mother to go to the party and he is enjoying the party. It says that everything is going well according to the plan that we had planned.

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