She reviews their minutes and how he took represent her consistently. She says he said everything was falsehood and says first time she admitted her sentiments to him yet he hurted her colloquialism like that. Meera asks did she felt that everything was lie. Bani says that can’t transform anything and understands that whatever yesterday happened was not falsehood. Later Bani examines with Veer’s family about Veer’s changed conduct. Jay says Veer resembled that just consistently.

Daksh says consider the possibility that Veer really abhors Bani now. Taapish says that is unrealistic and says that he knows one individual and that individual can assist them with realizing what ended up veering. Bani says somebody needs to remain with Veer and tells Daksh, Ponky to remain with him for his safety.Bani, Jay, Meera and Taapish arrives at one spot to meet that individual who can help them. Taapish says that individual comes out by his will as it were. Bani appeals to God to send that individual to help her.

Taapish says that individual may set aside effort for his appearance. Bani argues that individual to come out to help her. Jay says they ought not accept that individual. Meera says they doesn’t have a lot of time to stand by so they should leave from here to discover another way. They were going to go from that point yet quits hearing voice. That individual inquires as to why Nageshwari came to meet him.Ponky sees that moon is noticeable at day time. Daksh says they needs to ensure Veer.

Bani stuns hearing her name from him. That individual asks did she ever pondered for what reason she wedded a bird. She says she feels it’s her predetermination. He says she simply needs to move towards the objective and leaves from that point. Bani grins and says she found her solution and runs from that point. Read Full….