Naagin 5 20 September 2020 Written Update (18/10/2020)

In Naagin 5 you will be shown that Bani is inside Veer’s house. Its bani starts to cry, which causes him to get trapped in Brahman. Veer asks him the reason for crying and says why are you crying. He says that he inadvertently threw his brother, from the roof, for which he has lost his life. Veer gets very angry and now angrily grabs her waist. He then takes him in arms. After some time he returns home

Veer asks Bani to forcefully marry her but her father rebels against her action, but they marry Bani is shocked as to why I am marrying her when she knows that He has killed his brother,

For this reason, ask that you were shown in the previous episode, similarly in future episodes you will be shown that. Veer marries for my family. He is the only mother-in-law to know that she has no feelings for him and takes an alliance with him to teach him the most because he killed her brother,

Later you will see that the crowd at the request of the brothers made a plan to play a small game between Bani and Veera who lift Jogira in their arms, what they say to speak. And there is a romantic atmosphere there. Bani is disgusted that he has raised me only to bring her down. This is how the episode ends.

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