Taapish says that individual may set aside effort for his appearance. Bani argues that individual to come out to help her. Jay says they ought not accept that individual. Meera says they doesn’t have a lot of time to stand by so they should leave from here to discover another way. They were going to go from that point yet quits hearing voice. That individual inquires as to why Nageshwari came to meet him.Ponky sees that moon is noticeable at day time.

Daksh says they needs to ensure Veer. Bani stuns hearing her name from him. That individual asks did she ever pondered for what reason she wedded a bird. She says she feels it’s her predetermination. He says she simply needs to move towards the objective and leaves from that point. Bani grins and says she found her solution and runs from that point.

Veer awakens listening to some voice and happens to the room. Ponky, Daksh attempts to stop him yet fizzles. Veer flies towards the moon hearing some voice. Daksh, Ponky follows him. Veer tumbles down in moon and loses his cognizant. Ponky reveals to Bani that Veer left and he was unable to follow him after some time.

Jay asks how morning become night simply like that. Veer recaptures his awareness hearing some voice. He meets one young lady and asks who is she. She asks doesn’t he recollect her. She says she is princess of moon. He tends to her as Chandini. She says she was hanging tight for him just till now and she lives in moon just and asks will he remain with her. Veer weds Chandini. Opposite side Jay and Bani prepares as lady of the hour and lucky man.

Not many hours back

Bani says Veer dislike that since she knows him after all she is his life. They gets mehandi function pictures. Bani sees Veer’s photos and notification the difference in his eye tone and becomes acquainted with that it’s identified with moon. She says she needs to remain alone to consider everything and goes to her room. She reviews that Veer knows somebody in moon. Chandini asks Veer that will he wed her. He consents to wed her. Bani chooses to go moon to get Veer.

Jay says they are snakes and they can’t arrive at moon. She says she will bring back Veer and asks will he help her or not. Bani meets Maarkat. Maarkat says she is lamenting for her errors and argues Bani to deliver her.

Bani says Maarkat can’t escape from here and says she saved her family from here. Maarkat inquires as to why she is here at that point. Bani says she came to save Veer. She enters that mysterious entryway. That voice says she can’t come here much the same as to ask help. She says she needs to go to moon to save her better half and argues him to help her. That voice advises her to pivot. She stuns seeing flight of stairs. That voice says she can arrive at moon utilizing this flight of stairs yet she needs to forfeit her visual perception to utilize this flight of stairs.

Bani says she saw that Veer was wedding somebody. Bani weds Jay.