The scene starts with Bani says she will become more acquainted with what’s going on with Veer and will discover answer for his concern as well. He advises her to do nothing. She says she even brought present for him yet she will offer it to him once he gets fine. He says he doesn’t recollect what all he said to her when he was spellbound and apologize to her in the event that he hurted her during that time. Bani discloses to Meera that she isn’t understanding why those dreadful little animals went to their home however they didn’t assault anybody, was simply holding everybody until Jay comes there.

Meera says Jay poured water on those frightening little animals to dispose of them. Bani thinks about how Jay realizes how to control those dreadful little animals. She calls Jay yet he didn’t pick the call. She gets not many things in Jay’s room and understands that on account of Jay those frightening little creatures went to their home. Veer says he needs to go with Taapish to office. Taapish says Veer should take rest now and goes inside to take a few records.

Veer sits tight close to vehicle for Taapish. Scarcely any folks comes there and ridicules Veer and discusses Bani as well. Veer blows up and attempts to beat them however neglects to do and those folks beats Veer. Bani reveals to Meera that Jay is behind the previous assault and says she ought not have trusted Jay once more. Ponky reveals to Bani that Veer going to office with Taapish and Daksh. Bani comes out and veers to stand. They pushes Bani. Bani’s eye shading changes and she was going to change into wind however Veer stops her. She just uses her solidarity and cautions them to not come here once more. Those folks says today Bani saved Veer yet not again and leaves from that point. She says he doesn’t believe her that is the reason he isn’t mentioning to her that what’s going on with him.

Veer reveals to Taapish that their business rivals came however he couldn’t ready to do anything. Bani requests that Veer let her assistance him. He says she can’t do anything since he lost every one of his forces as of now. She causes him to sit and applies treatment on his injuries. Bani understands that Veer has fever and goes out to look through Jay subsequent to informing Meera to deal with Veer in her nonattendance. Following day, Veer awakens and gets some information about Bani to Meera.

Meera says Bani feels Jay is answerable for Veer’s condition so she went to discover him. She advises him to take rest and says Bani will deal with Jay. He reviles Jay. Bani discovers Jay and assaults him saying he double-crossed her once more. Jay says he was simply encouraging her on the grounds that Maarkat got away from the snare. Jay and Bani goes to that spot and sees Maarkat is missing there. Jay says it’s Maarkat who send those frightening little animals not him. She won’t trust him. They arrives at house and searches Veer. Read Full Now……