Naagin 5 19 September 2020 Written Update (18/10/2020)

Naagin will show you in episode 5 how Veer and Bani get started, I start crying and see the body of another eagle disguised as Veera. You will see that when Bani leaves from there, Veera gets stuck in the village too much that she throws Jai off a cliff and kills her. Similarly, I start crying and get very upset. The idol that was made was my brother. You will see that she takes Bani’s dupatta and ties it around her room.

She picks up her brother, who has the idol, and brings them to the lair of the disciple and puts the body in a wooden box. You will see that she comes near the living room near the pavilion and Meera’s father is against her marriage and he does not want her to marry him, he rebels against her marriage.

On the other hand you will see that Bani starts quarreling over Veera’s decision to marry her, you will see that Veer burns the big chandelier and asks Vani to get ready for the rounds. Bani is very surprised why he is not able to hate her even after killing her elder brother. In the same way, Bani thinks of her fake brother.

You will see that Veera puts black vermilion on Bani’s head and rests on her neck. The arrangement of Veer reveals that he has seen the serpent in its original condition and he states that he who killed Veer’s brother in the diseases of the plan of killing the serpent.

Similarly, Bani comes to her house and starts telling them that she and Veer are married to each other, similarly Bani tells her sister that Jai is dead.