Telly Updates presenting Today’s Naagin Season 5 18th October 2020 Episode Written Update. Naagin Season 5 18th October 2020 (18/10/2020) Complete Episode Written Update.

At the beginning of today’s episode, Balwant asks Veer to control a red stone instead of playing with him. Veer is about to attack with that stone. Then Balwant says that the stone came to listen to Balveer And asks him to say the mantra that he may have been taught in his childhood, yet he goes away from there and after that he finds nothing and Vani is surprised after that we see that Sakura says that Jai is useless .

And she is told to leave from there. Vani feels that there is only one way to help her and by using her power she helps him without his knowledge after all Sakura silences him there. And then we see that Balwant and others escape the wrath of the stone, Sherwani again puts that stone in the cupboard and hides it somewhere.

Then he remembers what Balwant had told about that stone and he is surprised to think how he listened to it in that stone, I was surprised thinking that Veer did not even know the name of that stone. We have a strange behavior towards it. We see that those people start thinking what will happen if it is not original heroic

Then we see that Mav and Shukla attack Bani, then Bani asks what Mayuri is doing, then I answer Mayuri Career instructs her to do so Bani refuses to rest her and Shukla She leaves there and says that she is betraying Balwant. Shukla says that she was cheating Balwant by hiding her identity. I will trap her in a cage. Shukla to honor Madhuri Kobani. Saying that she is half a serpent and Vani, after hearing all this, goes to the square, then Madhuri says that she also knows the truth of Bani.

And she thinks of using that red letter against Bani and says that she has gone first, then Madhuri laughs at her, Bani imprisons them and imprisons them and starts making fun of her. But Madhuri asks how Vani did this to her. Sherwani starts thinking and I saved her from the red stone and next we will see that Bani follows the duplicate Veer and the mood is also surprised to see her.