Veer feels cerebral pain in his mind and requests that his siblings take him to room. Bani reviews Angel telling that Veer won’t bear her quality and will go a long way from her. Daksh and Ponky are glad to see Bani’s predicament. Jai comes there and hold their neck.

He at that point discloses to them that he didn’t come to alarm them and says Veer has failed to remember her. He requests that they help him. Daksh says never. Jai requests that they help her break Veer and Bani’s Jodi so he can remove Bani from here, and can utilize her forces and can impart her forces to them. Daksh concurs and asks Jai not to act savvy with him. Jai guarantees him.

Meera and Tapish go to the kitchen. Meera embraces Bani and says how could Veer fail to remember you. Tapish says I don’t comprehend. Bani says this is the slip-up of the sorcery and tells that she is being rebuffed for changing the set of experiences. Bani tells Meera and Tapish that she got resurrection to rebuff Eagles, however. Holy messenger incites Bani against Veer, saying he thinks about Balwant’s unlawful business. Later they hold on to bundle to come. Read More….