In the next episode of Naagin 5, you will be shown that Bunny brings all her family at home. And Balwant opens the door and Balwant tells her what she is doing here. Bani says that you must know these people. Balwant says I know them but what are you doing here. Bani tells them that it will stay here. Veer also comes from above and asks Branto who has allowed them to stay here and then says that Manish is the daughter-in-law of the house, so she needs someone’s permission. Is not.

Next you will see that Jai pulls Bani and says why have you brought your family here. Bani says that there is an enemy in our midst who wants to kill everyone, that’s why I am looking for him in my family. I have brought it here

Then Jai goes to the market and Markat takes on a new look and is horrified to see Markat and Markat asks him that you are with me. You know i am with you

On the other hand, Pandits and Panditins are quarreling among themselves. And Pandit tells Panditin why you went to tell Jai’s irrigation water. So it is said to Pandit that you also know how many enemies Ambani has in Kalyug and new enemies are also coming. Similarly, a picture shows a pundit and says that it is going to be true. And says that he too must have paid.

The other takes the form of a snake and a lake. And tells jay that you will not have to tell such irrigation to anyone. Tells you that I will not tell anyone about this truth.

On the other hand, Veer is terrified of not finding his mother in the room and starts looking for his mother and Bali also starts searching for his mother with him but his mother is not getting.

And the other one is talking about Jai and Markt plan and Jai tells the market that this new look is very impressive to me, you market. You say to Haru Katu that my biggest enemy is the serpent, that’s why you are from Veer Separating water. You ask him if you can tame anyone to eliminate the serpent, then the killer says yes.

After a while you will see that her mother is hidden behind a bush in the park outside the house. When Veer goes there, she gets nervous. And obliviously she says who are you then says that I am mother. So he takes his mother with chocolate cake to her room inside the house. And asks to rest.

On the other hand, Pandit Dhayal Pandit Gupta Ray is that in some era, a woman stood on one leg and did penance of Bhole Nath till the incident happened on Bholenath. Similarly, Bholenath gave her a boon but the woman was proud of the vote. When she was forcibly trying to snatch her moon, Bholenath gave her liquor and half her face was rotten and her pride was still not over. So the woman tells Bholenath that I am someone I can finish it because I still have a lot of power. That’s why Bholenath says that you will face the serpent.

Similarly Bani cooks food for all the family next day. Meera is feeling healthy and she comes there and she tells her where you were for so long. So I say you go get tea, I bring sandwiches. Then all the family members come to the table and Bani gives it to everyone. Balwant says what is this all about, then Bani says that I have prepared food for all the family members and the party is going to happen at night also. Veer also comes from above and says to the elder, what is it that Bani has cooked today?

He also sits down to eat food. Only then will you see that when Meera comes with the sandwich, Bani takes some power and turns red. And she leaves from there. Tabi Veer also goes after her. So he is surprised to see Bani in this condition in the room and says that what is happening to you is a big mistake that I do not know that there are some powers here which are affecting my head.

Later Veer and Bani goes into his mom’s space to welcome her for party. Meera crosses that room. What’s more, Bani’s body begins to consume once more. Ve been mother continue saying that individual will execute her. She says that individual had long hair and nails as well. He reassures her truism nothing will happen to her. Later at party, Ritu reveals to Balwant that it’s truly inconceivable for her to accept that he cherished marriage. Bani, Veer joins the gathering. Bani says now everybody is here so she can undoubtedly find that why her body consuming.

She sees that Veer isn’t tuning in to her and instructs him to focus on what she is stating. He prods her expression she is desirous reasoning he is looking through another person in the gathering. She says she isn’t envious. He says he was looking through Ponky in light of the fact that he advised him to bring his mom. He makes his mmother sit on the seat and advises Ponky to not leave her for a second as well. Jay thinks everything going as indicated by his arrangement.

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Precap – Veer discloses to Bani that first they have to check Jay. She says improved not required. Jay says he faced challenge with Bani’s security.