The episode begins with Rains who goes to a closed room and starts telling the woman that she has come to help him and I ask him who she is. And that woman tells Bani that this place is very dangerous, that is why she should leave here and she says that no one can hear her voice. Similarly, Bani tells her that I have come here only after hearing your voice. This is the way she has come to free him. The woman refuses to take him for help. Bani starts unbuttoning her tied chains. And she wonders why Balwant has done this to her. It is on this that one hears the sound of Balwant’s shouting and he says who killed his son, I am very surprised who killed Monkey before killing him.

The woman tells Bani to leave from there. Bani says that she will come again to save him and tells him not to panic after seeing her because she has come to save him rather than harm him. She takes the form of sir and leaves from there. Seeing Morni in the same way, he is shocked, Balwant asks to call the doctor Pawan says that Monkey is dead. Balwant says that he is sure that Ambani has killed my son. Daksha shouts at Bani and says that he is coming to Modi’s room. Similarly, he tells him that you should not run on water, Brahmand says that he has killed his brother, yet why is he supporting him.

Bani says what evidence they have that I have killed him. She wanted to kill him but she has not killed.

She asks him why he has left her. Kavi Kavi handles the poet and she hugs him happily and starts saying that his mother has recognized him and she starts crying and she takes him inside. Shows Tapish and is surprised when Tapish sees her. At the same time, Balwant gets frightened on seeing him and starts saying that he is the one who locked her in the room and tried to escape from there, Bani grabs her and promises her that nobody will save her harm Bali and Veer take her upstairs and tells Mirza to go to another room because now her mother will stay in that room.

In the same way, Veer fights with Balwant to lock his mother there, then he goes to his mother and shows them his picture and his toys and tells about his childhood, Bani keeps his new side. Is and she starts saying that she is not so bad, so she is not even worthy of hating, she is shocked to hear him and starts offering him saying that he is only entitled to love. Similarly, Jae asks him to talk well with Veer and leaves him. Balwant starts telling Bani that he has done the lady wrong by going out into the room.


You will further see that Bani meets Panditji’s wife and asks her for advice. Similarly she learns from him that she was chosen as a serpent by Shivani so that she would find her way out on her own and someone would help her. Can not Pandit’s wife has warned him to only keep the dull people with him. Similarly, beer tells water that if she wants to leave this house, she will not stop it. In the same way she says that I don’t believe you so I refuse to say that she is free to go wherever she wants and has opened the door for her, scolding it from the point Lets say that now for that, the woman now asks him where to leave her house. She says that she will not leave this house anymore.

Next you will see that Pawan says that he has killed the chicken so he cannot leave it that way. He says that no one can stop him. If I want to leave here, he will not leave this house from now. Are heartened to hear his words. She says that she still has work pending in this house and before she leaves and moves inside. The episode ends.