Jay says he is glad that she is conversing with him. She says she doesn’t confide in him still. Later she thinks to meet Pandityan to discover an answer for save her family however she can’t take off from the house. She calls Baba and educates him regarding that unusual person. Pandityan arrives at Bani’s home to caution her and was going to move toward her however Jay stops her and hauls her with him.

That odd person meets Bani. She asks who is he and says she knows about his forces. She says he controlled everybody utilizing his capacity aside from her and says she confronted simply little change all over as a result of him.

Pandityan says Jay is the person who murdered her better half and says he is Adi naagin’s adversary and says she realizes such Bani’s reality is in harm’s way. He says he will divulge his mystery to her and requests that she see his face in water. She stuns seeing Maarkat’s face and understands that what Jay did. He attempts to execute her. Abnormal person discloses to Bani that he is here to remind her about the vengeance.Read Full…..