Scene starts with Bani assaults Jay. Jay argues her to allow to him. She says she previously committed large error by allowing to him so she will not recurrent a similar misstep once more. He says she can’t slaughter him and pours some fluid on her and giggles at her. He says he nearly overlooked this supernatural fluid. She freezes totally.

Seeing Veer’s vehicle, Jay stows away from him. Veer sees Bani and says he is daydreaming her since she can’t be here. Bani tumbles down and lays on the floor. Jay discloses to her that he will win today and advises all her gazing the sky. He takes her from that point and lays her on the bed.

Taapish gets stressed over Veer. Balwant says Veer needed to remain alone so let him be. Meera says the sound Veer heard has some association with Bani certainly. Shukla discloses to Balwant that all that going to obliterate and goes to plan something for puja. He leaves from that point and he transforms into Jay and grins saying all that event as indicated by his arrangement.

Bani thinks now who will help her. Shukla advises everybody to sit and begins the puja. Meera asks what is he doing when he tied some dark rope around them. He advises her to remain quiet and says he is thoroughly taking care of their prosperity as it were. He thinks he will tie last adjust and they will not have the option to help Veer and Bani. Balwant advises Meera to do what Shukla requests that they do. Meera understands that it was Jay who is in Shukla’s structure and tosses her bangle outside Jay’s snare and stays quiet. Jay accepts he caught everybody and leaves from that point. Meera attempts to emerge from Jay’s snare.

Veer arrives at Bani following his youngster’s voice. He inquires as to why she is laying this way and asks her enchantment exploded backward on her for sure. Bani requests that he help her as a primary concern. He says he simply needs her to get like prior and kisses on her temple and cries. His tear falls all over and he emerges from the house. Bani turns out to be fine and comes out to stop Veer. Jay asks how she is fine at this point. She says he can’t do anything. He says now she doesn’t have any ability to battle against him and says he murdered Veer. She stuns hearing him.

Meera unfastens the rope and everybody recovers their awareness. She educates them concerning Jay and says they needs to discover Veer and Bani now.Jay and Bani contends with one another and discusses their previous birth. Bani assaults Jay and leaves from that point. Veer was about tumble from bluff and asks why he can’t fly.

Before he falls Bani saves him. She says she isn’t any stalker like he thinks. He takes her some place. She understands that he recall her now and embraces him and admits her affection. He says he hurted her so much and apologize to her. She says that is not matter at this point. He offers saree to her and advises her to transform it. She asks how he got his memory since Angel said that is unrealistic. He says her affection made it outlandish thing to conceivable. Read More…..