Munda Rockstar is an upcoming Punjabi-language film directed by Satyajeet Puri. The film stars Mohammad Nazim, Yuvraj Hans, and Aditi Aarya in the lead roles.

The film is a musical drama about a young man from a small village who dreams of becoming a rockstar. He faces many challenges on his journey to stardom, but he never gives up on his dream.


  • Mohammad Nazim as Munda Rockstar
  • Yuvraj Hans
  • Aditi Aarya
  • Gama Sidhu


  • Director: Satyajeet Puri
  • Writers: Navdeep Moudgill, Satyajeet Puri
  • Producers: India Gold Films

Release Date

The film is scheduled to be released in 2024.

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