Next you will see that Prince Narula will be put on WhatsApp, after that, he will be considered one of the most trusted gang leaders in the print credit revolution and now it matters if it should be strategic then we see that Prince is supporting Yogis towards him And he does when it matters that Prince went to sacrifice his strings for Apoorva a few weeks back. Also there is an argument between Karo leaders Neha and Prince and then Ready in the beginning of this episode. And a baxua is made to travel to Reval sir.

MTV Roadies Revolution Starting Timing

  • Episode Start Day – Every Saturday
  • Time: 7 PM IST
  • Online: Voot
  • TV channel: MTV India

MTV Roadies Revolution Cast List 2020

  • Abhimanyu Singh – Bhopal
  • Zabi Khan – Hyderabad
  • Vipin Kumar – Lucknow
  • Saqib Khan – Kashmir
  • Ninaad Wagh – Pune
  • Soumya Sachdeva – Delhi
  • Akash Verma – Panipat
  • Srishti Sudhera – N/A
  • Aishwarya Kapoor- Delhi
  • Dr. Pratibha Singh – Bhopal
  • Malhar Kalambe – Mumbai
  • Michael Ajay – Bangalore
  • Arushi Chawla – Delhi
  • Kevin Almasifar-Pune
  • Apoorva Gole -Mumbai
  • Akanksha Singh -Dehradun