Roadies Revolution November 22 scene

Nikhil Chinapa and Varun Sood Team Members saw a very much picked group of individuals including Arushi Chawla, Michael Ajay, Nisha Yogini, Poonam, Jayant Yadav, Zabi Khan, and Abhimanyu. While Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula Team union had Shreya Kalra, Prathibha Singh, Apoorva Gola, Hamid Barkzi, Aman Poddar, Vipin Kumar, Akash Varma. After the finish of the Basket Brawl, the group chiefs leaderboard saw the previous coalition of Varun and Nikhil’s group dominate the match where every one of the group chiefs got 3 stars each. While Prince got 2 stars, Neha’s group couldn’t make their entrance at the leaderboard.

Varun Sood : 3 Stars

Nikhil Chinapa : 3 Stars

Ruler Narula: 2 Stars

Neha Dhupia : 0 Star

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