Children get energized when they see Virender come in with Purvi. They alarm when they notice Virender’s condition. He consents to advise them and the older folks everything after Juhi and Manas’ exhibition. Purvi causes him plunk down. Everybody applauds Juhi and Manas as their demonstration was stunning. The time has come to report the victor. All the children are approached stage.

Priyu attempts to leave however Vaibhav holds her coercively. She drops her telephone all the while. She gets a container and battles with him. He winds up getting hold of the jar. She figures out how to secure herself in the washroom room similarly as he tosses the container towards her.

Juhi and Manas have started things out. Chief congratulates the children. Who showed you this? Juhi offers credit to Purvi by calling her their mother. He asks them her name. They say haathi as one. Purvi goes in front of an audience and stands with the children. I’m by all account not the only one who encouraged them. Their Baba made an equivalent commitment. If it’s not too much trouble, welcome him also. Purvi underpins Virender and takes him in front of an audience. They give the prize to the children together.

Vaibhav inquires as to whether she figures she will get away from along these lines. You would come out to eat or drink something. I will see who will save you from me now. I’m standing by here! Priyu cries inside the washroom.

Virender’s mom and Mama supplement the children on their presentation. Manas tells the very child that his folks are here. I won’t ever lie. You lie! Look cautiously. That child’s mom says she isn’t your genuine mother. She is no more. She is Molkki. A Molkki can’t be anybody’s genuine mother ever. Virender vapor. He approaches that lady all alone. How could you say something like this before my children? She is legitimately my significant other and their mom regardless of whether she is a Molkki. Is it true that you aren’t afraid to say something like this regarding a lady being a lady yourself? Mukhiyayin is more than their mom for them. She remains by them at whatever point they need her. She cooks for them and takes care of the whole family. She arranged the whole show in 2 days. She satisfies her duties as a mother and spouse well. She might not have brought forth them however she raises them with most extreme love and care. Yashoda Ma may have brought forth Lord Krishna yet Devki Ma was the person who had raised him. The person who raises somebody is greater than the person who conceives an offspring. Learn it well! I’m pleased with the way that she brings up my children. She is their genuine mother for them and for me. Do you get it? The woman apologizes to Purvi. Purvi takes a gander at Virender inwardly. Mother and his sister take a gander at Virender gladly. Juhi wipes Purvi’s tears and welcomes a grin all over. Purvi embraces her and Manas. Everybody grins. Virender holds Purvi’s hand as they head home. She grins.

Purvi gives turmeric milk to Virender. He requests that she fix the swathe. It has gotten free. She fixes it. Virender is grinning pleasantly this time. Something gets in his eyes. She blows on it to cause him to feel much improved. They share an eye lock. She inquires as to whether he is fine at this point. Much obliged to you for satisfying your guarantee. He expresses gratitude toward her for saving him and for taking him to class on schedule. Presently I should discover who assaulted me. My men are on it as of now. We will discover by tomorrow. Purvi says I may know who it very well may be. She takes Vaibhav’s name. he asks her how she can say as much. She informs him regarding Priyu catching Vaibhav’s convo. This is connected. He asks her for what valid reason she dint advise him previously. She says I thought you wont trust me without evidence. He says now I realize that you don’t utter a word without an explanation. I will cause Vaibhav to concede reality at any rate.

Vaibhav is drinking. Priyu looks at him from the entryway. His eyes are stuck to the entryway too. Priyu figures he will pass out soon and I will get an opportunity to leave.

Children give the prize to Virender and Purvi. Virender says it is for you. You both have won it. Manas denies. You are the best guardians of this world. He kisses Virender on his cheek. Purvi grins. Virender says it is for both of you as you both are the best children. Purvi supplicates that their bond stays like this until the end of time. Manas asks haathi to go along with them. Purvi embraces Juhi. Virender and Purvi take a gander at one another.

Vaibhav drops on the couch. Priyu ventures out of the restroom. She covers her mouth as she heads to the fundamental entryway however he holds her hand all of a sudden. I realized that you will attempt to do this once I nod off. This was my arrangement. What will you do now? She stows away in the storeroom this time. He advises her to come out. Till when will you proceed with this show? Read More…..