Purvi completes her test and gives sweet dish to Karan. Karan tells his companions that he will utilize this tiffin confine his next arrangement. Purvi educates Sudha regarding morning episode and Sudha prods her.

She sees Anjali, Bhuri and follows them. She sees that they have such a lot of prescriptions too with them and understands that Anjali misled her. They goes to that spooky spot and Purvi records that. They escapes from that point seeing Purvi there.Anjali reveals to Prakashi everything.

Prakashi says Purvi ought not have the foggiest idea about the mystery and says Purvi will attempt to uncover this to Virendra. Anjali says Virendra will not leave them in the event that he became acquainted with reality.

Juhi discloses to Purvi that Anjali masterminded party on patio. Purvi chooses to come clean to Anjali. Children requests that Virendra hit the dance floor with them. Virendra sees Karan conversing with their safety officer.