Molkki 9 April 2021 Written Update

Hooligan continues withdrawing while at the same time holding Purvi at gunpoint. Virender holds him by his neck from behind. Thug’s hand begins shaking. Children yell Babbar Sher as one. Purvi looks behind and is alleviated to see Virender.

Hooligan takes shots at Virender. Purvi yells his name and the two of them duck when the shot is discharged. Assessor advises his men to get the hooligan however Virender holds out his hand. He beats the person beat up. Overseer prevents Virender from taking the law in his grasp. They remove the thug.


Purvi embraces the children and cries. Virender and Purvi take a gander at one another. He opens the ropes limited around her options and holds her. She embraces him. Virender opens his arms for his children. They have a gathering embrace. Priyu and Sudha grin. Epi closes all over. Read Full……



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