Then again, Purvi believes that Sakshi didn’t open the entryway since morning and chooses to take nourishment for her and illuminates about it to Anjali. Anjali discovers that Virendra didn’t illuminate Purvi about his and Sakshi’s battle and uncovers everything to Purvi.

Purvi chooses to converse with Sakshi to clear her errors. She goes to Sakshi’s room and thumps the entryway. Prakashi is annoyed that Sakshi can’t bite the dust. We will lose everything in any case. She can arrive at Virender this time and requests that he return home as quickly as possible. Sakshi has cut her wrist. She attempted to end it all. Virender alarms.

She says she has lost a great deal of blood. Couldn’t say whether she will endure or not. Anjali wipes her phony tears after the call. Virender advises driver to turn the vehicle around. Medical attendant tells doc that Purvi’s blood is a match. Doc says we should begin the bonding now. Purvi says thanks to God.