Molkki 7 May 2021 Written update

Virender attempts to pardon himself on the guise of work yet Sakshi doesn’t release him. We have met after years. How about we sit and talk. We got this opportunity after years. Don’t know if we will get this opportunity once more. I need to live those recollections once more. She inclines nearer however they are diverted by a thump on the entryway. It is Purvi. She says sorry to Sakshi for upsetting them at this hour. Do you have a medication for stomach throb? Manas isn’t feeling good. I will offer it to him. Sakshi says I have it. What befell him unexpectedly however? Purvi says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Sakshi goes to bring it. Purvi and Virender take a gander at one another. She takes a gander at the improvements in the room and dismisses her face. She reviews how she had disclosed to Virender that she is apprehensive this fantasy may break. Virender considers them together too. Sakshi goes with Purvi. Virender figures it isn’t your opinion, Bawari. I can’t reveal to Sakshi anything due to the circumstance. Don’t have the foggiest idea where it will take us!



Anjali tells Prakashi there is just a single way now. We should come clean to Sakshi ourselves. Prakashi reminds her presently to utilize cerebrum as she needs it. I’m here to do it. You figure we will tell Sakshi and Virender will discover as well. Sakshi will toss Purvi out of the haveli while Virender will toss us out! Do you need that? Anjali asks her what they ought to do at that point. We are concerned due to that Molkki and she is appreciating in Amboli at this moment. Prakashi says I wont let it occur. I will actuate Virender against Molkki. Virender and Sakshi will wind up together and that Molkki will be in torment. She calls Virender. Have you folks reached securely? He gestures. Is it accurate to say that you are fine? She says yes. Specialist has said that Sakshi isn’t well. Take excellent consideration of her and invest quality energy with her. Reveal to her all that you have missed in the previous 5 years. I need a similar Virender and Sakshi when both of you will return. They couldn’t live without one another for even a second. Will you make it work out as expected? He says yes and closures the call. Anjali grins at Prakashi. Virender is in a quandary. I was glad that Sakshi is alive however I am likewise tormented to see Bawari in this condition. I don’t have the foggiest idea what my future will be a result of my over a significant time span. How might I deal with the two of them?


Next morning, Virender, Sakshi and the children go for breakfast. Purvi remains close to the table quietly. Server welcomes them. Sakshi requests that he put everything out on a table for Purvi in other corner. Server concurs yet Virender says she can stay here with us. He brings a seat for Purvi. Children appreciate eating with her so she ought to. Children second him. Manas causes Purvi to sit in her seat. Sakshi thinks that its abnormal that everybody is so worried for a servant. She may have dealt with my significant other and children in my nonappearance yet she is as yet a house keeper. She can’t resemble us. Children request that Sakshi think about what they need to eat. Sakshi attempts however comes up short. Purvi orders nourishment for the children. They acclaim her for continually understanding what they need. Love you, haathi. Purvi and the children grin. Sakshi takes a gander at Purvi. Purvi says kids used to eat burger and pasta previously yet Mama ji changed their propensities for great. I have come to know their preferences as I have been taking care of them since so long. Sakshi says it is acceptable. You should know. You have been caring for them. I will arrange for Mukhi ji however. I know his preferences well. Sakshi provides a request. Purvi counters it. Try not to bring it for him. Sakshi asks her for what reason he wont. Purvi says he has sugar and he should stay away from this. He just eats Daliya toward the beginning of the day. She requests that the server bring daliya. Virender says I need to take care of my wellbeing so I have changed to this eating routine as it were. Juhi and Manas ask haathi what she will eat. Virender says get her meat and potatoes and she will complete it in short order. She sees Sakshi taking a gander at him and gets wary. Sakshi thinks about how Virender understands what Purvi likes. Virender asks why he said that. He inquires as to whether they need whatever else. They shake their heads. He asks Sakshi what she will eat. He arranges poha for her. Is it right? She gestures unfortunately. Sakshi thinks my significant other and children care as much for this young lady (Purvi) as she really focuses on them. Did this house keeper have my spot in these 5 years? Virender is going to take a chomp when Sakshi advises him that they generally feed the principal nibble to one another. Purvi watches them feed each other tragically. Virender motions Purvi to eat.

Virender and Sakshi are strolling while Purvi helps the children play with sand. Virender and Purvi continue to take a gander at one another. He continues to look back at Purvi in any event, when he is with Sakshi. Their hands contact and they share an eye lock when they assist Manas with sitting the pony. Juhi reveals to Virender that Ma will click a photograph now. She requests that Purvi move to one side. Purvi goes along. Children are offering water to the plants. Purvi attempts to take the line from them yet they all wind up sprinkling water on one another. Children sprinkle water on Virender and Sakshi too when they come there. Sakshi holds Virender for help. Purvi thinks about the downpour dance during Holi. She starts to leave when Virender holds her hand. Afterward, the whole family is getting a charge out of playing with water in the pool. Purvi wards the towel and strolls off.


Virender continues to view at Purvi and the children as they play together. Purvi gets Manas exactly when he approaches his Baba. Past recollections continue to fly away with a sense of finality. A person perceives Purvi and welcomes her as Mukhiyayin. Have you come here on a get-away with your family? We have come here for a similar explanation as well. For what reason would you say you are picking this? Offer it to me. Purvi considerately decays. She trusts Sakshi wont come here and hear him calling her Mukhiyayini ji. He offers to help her again yet she denies. Sakshi sees them and chooses to discover who is attempting to grab the containers from Purvi. A container tumbles down. He gets it and returns it to Purvi. He tends to her as Mukhiyayini ji again yet stops in stun after seeing Sakshi. Sakshi takes a gander at Purvi in stun and disarray. Virender asks the person (Aman) why he looks stunned. She is Mukhiyayini. She has returned following 5 years so you should be shocked. Aman gestures. He gives the container to Purvi and leaves. Purvi starts to leave when she hears Sakshi asking Virender for what reason it felt as though Aman called Purvi Mukhiyayini. Virender inquires as to whether she has gone distraught. He probably said that to you. You are mixed up. You need rest. How about we go.

Purvi is strolling outside around evening time. Virender is watching her from his room. Why she is in garden at this hour? She wouldn’t have gone there for a stroll at this hour. It would appear that she is additionally anxious like me. Sakshi asks him his opinion. He says nothing significant. I’m simply remaining here for reasons unknown. Sakshi says seems as though you are concealing something from me. Mention to me what it is. He rehashes that it isn’t anything. She makes certain there is something. Something is annoying you since we have come here. You used to reveal to me everything previously and I used to settle them for you in a moment or two. All Your issues should go through me first. It might have the option to contact you solely after moving me away from your way! Virender continues to take a gander at Purvi. He mumbles that that is the most serious issue. She asks him what he implies. He says we have confronted everything together previously however I know how you more likely than not confronted things along in the previous 5 years. You ought to simply unwind and leave every one of your concerns to me. She is contacted. Purvi is stetting unfortunately close to the pool. Virender helps Sakshi rests and switches off the lights. Purvi takes a gander at their room. Sakshi grins at Virender and continues to take a gander at him. He shuts his eyes. She draws nearer to him and holds him. Virender realizes Purvi is exceptionally stressed and fretful as a result of what’s going on. I wont have the option to rest without conversing with her. He doesn’t keep Sakshi down.


Purvi is back in the room. She puzzles over if Virender has dozed. For what reason am I suspecting as much about him? He is with his better half. He isn’t the only one like me. He should be resting calmly. There is a thump on the entryway. She is amazed to see Virender. Sakshi awakens and doesn’t discover Virender.

Purvi asks Virender for what reason he is here at this hour. He says I am extremely anxious at this moment. I wont have the option to rest without conversing with you. She encourages him to return as it is truly late. This isn’t right. He holds her hand and pulls her outside. To damnation with good and bad! I continue to take a gander at you from far the whole day. Do you understand what I am going through? I want to embrace you tight however I just can’t do it. I got an opportunity now and you are requesting that I leave? I wont go at any expense. I can come inside and you wont stop me. Sakshi checks the restroom yet Virender isn’t there all things considered. Where would he be able to go? Indeed, even his telephone is on the bedside table. She chooses to check outside and sees Virender going to Purvi’s room. For what reason would he say he is going to her room at this hour?

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